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Punk rock embodies the opposition that still currently exist between our right to Freedom of Expression and society's need to interpret or define each expressed thought, therefore creating oppression. Punk rock is a force that serves only to save us from ourselves.
Your abilities are not defined by your appearance.
Do not allow yourself to be controlled by learned behavior which teaches you to feel a false sense of security by judging a person based on anything other than actions.
Punk rock is more than an attitude, it challenges you to accept chaos.
by miaeon February 20, 2008
A genre of rock started in the 70s and lasted through the 80s. There are still some punk bands now, but they are very scarce.

The media tries to tell you that punk is listening to My Chemical Romance or dressing in all black, etc. However, true punks dress according to their whim and listen to whatever they want.

Emo kids are just pseudo-punks. Don't let them convince you that they are individuals, because emo is the mainstream trend of 2005. True punk has no set style or gimmick.
REAL punk rock: Dead Kennedys, Ramones, Rancid.
FAKE punk rock: Blink 182, Good Charlotte, Green Day.
by CManX55 December 04, 2005
an agressive, hard, in your face form of rock, not be be mistaken with pop - punk
real punk rock: angry samoans, ramones, old school AFI, operation ivy, circler jerks, black flag, RKL

poser: my chemical romance, sum 41, blink 182, all time low, etc.
by dow dow May 16, 2010
superlative; cool -- particularly in an in-your-face or don't-give-a-fuck way
Did you see that rail grind he did? That was totally punk-rock!
by Faiella November 12, 2007
a style of music that is rebelious to all that is popular in society. It goes against anything that is trendy. Punk rock is usually fast and the lyrics are of importance to what the band believes. But this is not a neccessity. Emo should not be in the same category as punk because it sux. Those emo kids need to shut the fuck up and quit complaining.
The Sex Pistols, The casulaties, Anti-Flag, NOFX, Rancid, The CLash, 7 seconds, Lars Fredricksen and the Bastards, Operation Ivy, Black Flag, Rollins band(pretty much black flag but more hard-core), The Unseen, Bad Religoin, Aerosol Methods(a punk band from Laurens, SC www.purevolume.com/aerosolmethods) Public Enemy was punk althought they sang rap. These are all punk rock bands.
by Geogre Harris October 26, 2005
being who u are and not listening to what other people do or say\
prep:omg look at me i just bout some VANS
punk: soooo
prep: well now im punk and i bout the simple plan CD
Punk:Just cuz u wear Vans doesnt make u punk if i was to wear american eagle would i be kool
Punk: thats wut i thought bitch
by courtney bass February 21, 2005
music that is commenly used a punk rock with dumb ass bands such as simple plan or avril lavigne this is not true many local bands keep it alive it is a way of thinking not dressing or "jumping up and down alot"
blah123: these jeans are so punk rock
blah123: i cant wait for the concert i will jump up and down to the beat
me: you suck at life. you are not punk rock eat shit and die
by anonoymous May 05, 2004