Rock music in a style of the late 1970's, characterized by offensive lyrics and agressive performance. -punk rocker
The Clash play punk rock music.
by idifferfromyou2005 October 15, 2005
punk rock is just not giving a fizzuck. and you can't really define it anyway, its different to everyone, because punk is something in everyone. and like who are you to say its wrong? brrt go fuck yourself. and good charlotte and stuff didn't "wreck" or "tarnish" punk, because you cant wreck it .. thats suggesting its replacing it, which is doesnt or can't. it's not like it can make it go away or anything. fuckers.
you people piss me off . you have to make your own definition of punk rock . raahh
by kiara xx September 04, 2005
Individuality. Being yourself and saying "fuck you" to anyone trying to drag you to conformity. Rebelliousness; standing up for what you believe in. A type of music for "freaks" and outcasts from society. Non-judgemental and accepting, regardless of race, gender, and sexual preference. Posers will often talk about how they hate Abercrombie and rap, because they think it is punk rock to do so. But without people like them, there would be no punk rock, and we would all look the same. Stop labeling. Stop hating. Stop saying that punk rock is dead, because as long as people have a sense of individuality, self-expression, and a spine, there will be punk rock. It CANNOT die.
Bad Religion
The Dwarves
by James aka Sir Cool July 15, 2005
A brilliant form of music that was actually founded by music god Lou Reed with this band Velvet Underground (sorry pop-punkers but it was the great Mr. Reed who actually has talent that founded punk, not fucking GC or some other crappy excuse for a band). Other real punk bands include the Sex Pistols, The Clash, The Damned, The Buzzcocks and many more.
Lou Reed and Joe Strummer are excellent musicians. Benji Madden and the guy from Blink 182 are shit. Can't get a better example than that.
by BadLieutenant October 13, 2004
Rock music with deliberately offensive lyrics expressing anger and social alienation; in part a reaction against progressive rock. Punk rock is an anti-establishment music movement that began about 1976, exemplified by The Ramones, the Sex Pistols and The Clash. The term is also used to describe subsequent music scenes that share key characteristics with those first-generation "punks". The term is sometimes also applied to the fashions or the irreverent "DIY" ("do it yourself") attitude associated with this musical movement. Punks and punk rock were once denigrated by the overwhelming majority of the population, including young people. To be a punk rocker and play punk rock music was to ostracize yourself from your peers and be the subject of scorn. Today it is relatively socially acceptable to be punk and play punk rock music. Thus, some maintain that the punk scene has lost the very heart of its former nature as one of explosive creativity, rebellion, anger, hate, and individualism and that it has become a mere caricature of what once was.
by L053R May 20, 2005
Three chords and the truth.
Bad Religion, NOFX, Social Distortion, bands with a message more than "I'm sad, I'm gonna cut myself". That's punk rock.
by Jon Reed February 26, 2008
punk rock is a type of music usually 3 chord progressions but can be more. its generally short fast paced angst nihilistic music. punk started in the late 60's with lou reed and the velvet underground, iggy pop and the stooges, and the new york dolls. then in the mid 70s bands like the ramones and richard hell and the voidoids formed and began playing at the cbgb in new york. then quickly after that there were punk bands in the u.k. like the buzzcocks, the damned, the clash, and the sex pistols. they were more about making a statement than musical talent. there then was then L.A. scene with bands like the germs,x,black flag, and the weirdo's. then there were several other scenes like the DC scene with bands like minor threat and Bad brains. but there are many differant types of punk like pop punk bands like the ramones and the buzzcocks, which was catchy melodic tunes. theres Oi punk which is like the exploited and Sham 69, which is like more of the nazi punk type of music it is usually racist. theres ska/ragae ragae is like bob marley which may not generally be considered punk but it kinda goes along with it and is somewhat the influence for ska which is like faster raggae like operation ivy. theres hardcore which is like bands like the dead kennedys,bad religion,the germs,circle jerks, and black flag. theres new wave which most ppl may not consider to be a type of punk but it is whether or not u want to admit it, these bands are like devo,blondie, and duran duran. then there was grunge which was bands like nirvana, foo fighters, and soundgarden. umm thats about it but umm this is responding to an earlier post where someone said the new bands like gc and simple plan are just like boy bands with instruments lol i think thats pretty funny and its pretty true. umm but i dont think there is a specific term for "being punk" as ive heard people say. Jello said its thinking for yourself which i think is true and u should be independant and not some trendy ass "mall punk" ok well thats it.
i dont really have an example that i didnt already list up there ^
by steven March 20, 2005
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