Genre of music and lifestyle.

Characteristic of a genre music that focuses more on the message than the actual the music. Punk Rock arose in the 1970s from early punk rockers such as the Sex Pistols, the Ramones, and the Police. Punk Rock reached its heyday in the 1980s, but also experience a split between the "skinhead" scene and the classic punk rock scene. The skinheads were racists who used punk rock to express their message of hate and nazism. The classics stuck to the message of peace, love, understanding and an end to the establishment.

Today, punk rock is no longer a specific sound. No longer can you listen to a song and say whether it is punk or not. Because it is all about the message. Most punk bands have a social or political undertone. Modern punk bands include (although most members of the punk rock scene will argue as to what qualifies as punk) Rancid, the Offspring, Green Day, Weezer, the White Stripes, Rich Kids on LSD, NOFX, etc. All these bands have very distinct sounds, but most have very deep, message-centered songs, generally characteristic of punk.
That song sounded good, but there was something else, it sounded important.

Well yeah, it was a punk rock song, it was trying to protest the injustice in Darfur and stir up feelings of excitement to make you want to help the suffering people in Darfur. Punk Rock has to have a major underlying message, otherwise it's just "rock'n'roll"
by Punk rock? Maybe... May 20, 2010
a genre of music that has just become a joke. 99.99999% of all people on the world are punks, so that means allmost everyone is into punk rock music- 1994 greenday brings punk rock back into the mainstream culture. Some years later blink 182 makes all the small things video which makes punk music like pop music- year 2000 onward avril lavigne eventually cashes in on skater culture with skater boi she then gets all girls into punk rock. It is not uncommon for girls now to listen to punk. 2005 and onward- I believe punk has hit an apex where the fundamentals are distorted by the foundations of the establishment, I also believe that punk will flop if its exceeded over what is now.
"Burying Your Past"

you used to shine like a diamond all the time
but now you forgot all your dreams forgot the times
that you had gravel in your knees and i raised you back to your feet
and now you're watered down there's nothing left burning inside
so many times i fell on my face and you lifted my spirits back to place
i hope the pieces are all around the puzzle of you burying your past
and if that perfect smile isn't the perfect lie you're faking again
wake in the morning bleeding from my back and dying
because you neglect your heart i have so many emotions,
passions burning in my heart.
by stilled January 26, 2005
The soundtrack to thousands of speeding tickets and countless other petty crimes.
Punk rock, isn't that the kind of music where kids cut each other with razor blades and knives? - Anti-flag
by I drive a Volvo November 02, 2007
music played by people that just are not that good at it half-ass rock you might also call it
person 1:man lars fredrickson is a bad ass punk rock guitar player.

person2: no he's not hes just a crappy punk guitar player he plays the same power chords over and over
by jimibobwooo February 06, 2009
Tried to kill the metal, but they failed as they were smacked to the ground.
Punk rock can't kill the metal
by 50_707411y_1337 April 13, 2008
does not exist. anymore.why?
becasue bands like the casualities and cheap sex....spit on it, then stepped in it, rolled it in the mud, and crushed it with their enormous cocks.
good bands that i respect.....crass...yeah. thats about it. and thats only because they agree with my philosophy. PUNK IS DEAD.
punx unite.i fucking hate that song.and that other chick was right.they butchered sham 69 by recreating their new version of if the kids are sex sings the song fuck emo.when they generalize that emo is about emotional faggots.but in reality true punks did not "judge before listening"emo was actually a sub-diveritive of punk rock.
fuck you cheap sex fag listening bitches.
by I USED TO BE LIKE YOU!!!! December 21, 2007
punk rock was all about your attitude... it was a way of life. You didn't give a shit what other people thought, cuz they never gave a shit about you.
punk rocks dead, sorry, but people are too much now.
by breanna January 24, 2004
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