a style of Rock music, characterized by superficial loudness and crudeness
Punk rock originally Developed in The U.K. and Australia, but is not limited to those countries.
by The Return of Light Joker March 21, 2009
A genre of guitar-based rock and roll typified by fast tempos, short song duration, and aggressive delivery. Despite its "short, fast, and loud" nature, punk rock is essentially melodic. Non-"pop" punk rock is known as "hardcore."

Punk rock began in the middle 1970s with bands like The Stooges, The Ramones, and The Sex Pistols and was initially a reaction to the overproduced, lengthy, plodding corporate rock that had come to dominate the landscape. The "new wave" lasted until approximately 1982, when there was a move away from original punk to more aggressive hardcore. A second wave of punk erupted in the late 1980s and early 1990s, peaking in 1994. The genre continues to this day (as does it's musical sibling, hardcore).

While there is a philosopy closely related to punk rock ("Do It Yourself") and a visual style closely associated with punk rock (torn jeans, spikey hair, chuck taylors, etc.), please note that punk rock is a FORM OF MUSIC.
I was spinning some Damned vinyl today. Their early shit is pure punk rock.
by Tim Davenport September 16, 2006
A type of music ussually simple, ussually blasting policital influenced songs that have been watered down in the 90's, but not killed. punk rock has pre existed its actual definition, as it is an expression musically agianst a government that would step on the people. many people believe that punk rock can only be 3 chords and simple lyrics as the last definition stated, which is very over stereotyped and false. Thier are many forms of punk including crust punk, hardcore, screamo and so forth, pop punk is not punk in any way.
real punk rock is not confined to over simplistic chords and lyrics but can have talented musicians (ie. the dead kennedys, DOA, SNFU, pennywise)
by Jacky-O November 09, 2005
A good style of music everyone wants to say they listen to. In the sixties, it was created by revolutionary, much hated bands like the Velvet Underground, the MC5, Iggy and the Stooges and the Monks who didn't give a fuck about whether Lucy was in the sky or not. All of them were censored, viewed as dangerous, and maybe the truest to the punk rock additude of all. In the seventies it exploded into a big underground culture with it's most loved bands, like the Sex Pistols, the Ramones, the Clash, and other less famous ones. Then, traditional punk stopped doing as much for the kid who had found in it a way to get out of the traps they hated and many of the originals from the '70s got into new versions of it in the '80s like Post Punk and Hardcore. Many people in the '80s underground did new things with punk and were attacked by punks who wanted it all to stay the same. In the '90s, punk of most kinds became acceptable and so lots of suburban kids did one out of three things- the All American boys and girls got into bubblegum punk, the nerdier ones bought Clash T-Shirts because it was dangerous to them, and some grew mohawks and called themselves true punks, even though all of their music was either from the seventies or wanted to be. All three of them have been part of the ruin of punk rock. It seems like there are more "true punks" than anything else here, so here's my message to all of you- you're one the right track, but if you wonder why there hasn't been very much good music since 1977, maybe it's because you've had the chance to make it but you were too busy pretending it was the seventies. Now either do something new with the music or bury it.
Bubblegum punk- Yeah, I saw GC last night, OMG. There was this fight that almost happened, this guy in a scary shirt outside the theater and called them shit, so I went up to him and said- "No their not." I ran away after that, but that was so punk rock!
Nerd punk- No, punk is like these bands you've never heard of, like the Damned. Now they were one of the finest bands to come out of Britain in mid-seventies punk rock
"True" punk- Oh, sure, but were you there? I might not have been, but I can pretend, fuck you I'm punk rock.
by ...... January 09, 2005
Something that was good in the old days and stood for something, now it just sucks.
You're mom's a punk rock.
by Jizzle Rizzle January 20, 2003
A music genre which apparently books you a place in Hell according to Christians.
Priest: So, what music do you play?
Me: Er, mainly punk rock and...
Priest (cutting me off and throwing holy water at me): LORD! SAVE THIS CHILD!
by jtth January 19, 2009
Punk Rock is undefineable. If you have to define punk music, then the music dies, and it has.
Rob: "Punks not dead, it lives on in bands like GC, and Greenday!"

Thor: "the day the words "punk" and "rock" were put together, the music died. Thoes bands are just caught up in the nastalgia of a dead scene."
by Skoll August 11, 2005

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