Punk is whatever you want, but isnt what I say it is. If I told you what punk was it wouldnt be right and if you told me youd be wrong. The music is only an expression of whats in the world and heart that created it.
"Punk is all about being who you are and saying fuck the rest of you"

"Punk is three chord songs played by garage rock bands in the late seventies"
by That kid you hated November 17, 2004
A genre of music that is less about the music and more about the message behind it. Very crashing, angry and emotional. These are the concerts with the mosh pits, girls and boys. These are the concerts where everything you've been pissed off about, from the bully at school to that last fight with Mummy & Daddy to the rape you don't tell anyone about comes to the surface. This is the genre where you can scream and hit and swear and nobody will ever question you. Whenever I listen to punk, it's like release in the purest form. That's the real stuff.

Punk rockers arn't all the stereotypical coloured-hair and various facial piercings. I've met punks who look like Susie Sunshine. And punk was not ruined, it was corrupted by a bunch of morons who were desperate for a quick buck. You can still find the real deal though. You just have to know where to look.
Sex Pistols, Anti-Flagg; "Punk rock is therapy without the psychology degree."
by Lapin September 13, 2006
It is not about how cool you are, or how much better you are. Its about community. Its about expression. Its about going into a pit and being able to beat the shit out of someone and 5 min later you are friends. Its about not giving a shit what others say or think. Its being true to yourself.
upon seeing someone new

Fuck 1 = man those guys look so queer
Fuck 2 = yea we are so much better than them. We are punk rock.

Punk 1 = cool...
by Trevor Crass September 28, 2006
A wide genre of music. Often the cause of large arguments as to what bands actually fall into the genre.
Usually contains a strong political or personal message, but has evolved to include humour and personal emotions.

Quite often the term 'punk rock' is used to describe new, more poppy bands as opposed to the old school founders of the genre (who are known as simply 'punk').
Despite common belief, the genre does not include bands such as New Found Glory, Blink 182, Good Charlotte or Sum 41. All of whom are considered pop bands.
Man I saw the coolest punk rock band last night.
by Sekt March 21, 2003
not 5 seconds of summer.
Michael - "Fuck this shit"

Ashton - "Don't swear!"

Michael - "I don't care, I'm punk rock"

Calum - "No you're not"
by Jigglypuffchloe December 21, 2013
A genre of rock that is more about the message than the music. Punk songs are usually, but not always, made up of 3 chords.

If you're not sure if a song is punk, listen to the lyrics. If they are not about standing up for something the artist believes in (ie: anti-censorship, anti-war, anti-racism, etc.) then it is NOT a punk song. Punk is about standing up and fighting for something you believe in. It has nothing to do with the image or the artist, or even how the melody of the song sounds.

Examples of punk bands:
Sex Pistols, Ramones, Clash, NOFX, Rancid, Bad Religion

Nonexamples of punk bands:
New Found Glory, Good Charlotte, Simple Plan, MxPx, Ataris, Thursday
Wannabe: "Hey! I wear clothes from Hot Topic! I'm punk!"

Real punk: "No, you're a poser. Punk has nothing to do w/ the clothes you wear."
by silly_goose123 January 03, 2005
(adj) Unsuited to appear on MTV's "The Real World."
"I'm a little too punk-rock for that kind of stuff." --Frankie Abernathy
by DavidK93 August 03, 2004
Originally an underground type of music in the late 70's it gained more popularity in the 80's. It includes: gain and grainy music with simple power chords and deep and/ or raspy music and meaningful lyrics.
What's your favorite band?

Sex pistols , The OffSpring and many more

punk rock rock punk
by Glorydayshazyways October 24, 2015
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