Punk is whatever you want, but isnt what I say it is. If I told you what punk was it wouldnt be right and if you told me youd be wrong. The music is only an expression of whats in the world and heart that created it.
"Punk is all about being who you are and saying fuck the rest of you"

"Punk is three chord songs played by garage rock bands in the late seventies"
by That kid you hated November 17, 2004
And adjective term to describe beat up, broke ass, dirty, makeshift clothing, furniture and appliances. Not necessarily a compliment.
Man, those shoes are totally punk rock, you must shop at Ross Dress for Less.

I like how you duct taped that hole in your ceiling to fix it from leaking, that's pretty punk rock.
by Johnny Gameshow April 08, 2008
a slang term in CA and possibly other states
1) used to talk about a girl in a rude manner.
2) used to inform someone that she's your woman, like she belongs to you or is your bitch.
also see beezie
1) Guy - yo whats up punk rock?
Girl - you better not be calling
ME a punk rock *SLAP*

2) youre damn right, she's my punk rock beezie. (aka - she's my girl)
by Rosa Parks May 25, 2005
Conterary to popular belief, punk rock is not Blink 182, GC, Billy Talant, etc. Punk rock is much more then that. Punk rock isn't 'punks singing rock'. Oh no. If thats the case there would be 'prep rock'. Punk rock is fast paste, short music, with songs about 2 minutes each, and in concert, the band could sing the whole c.d. in about 20 minutes. THATS punk rock.
An example of Punk rock are the Rosannes(Sp?)...or Disturbed or something like that.
by Joanne (Jo) October 03, 2004
Punk Rock is a shitty genre of music that people with no taste listen to. Some say it's a 'way of life' but those people are generally shallow and mindless, going with the crowd that they think shares the same antiestablishmentarian views as they believe they have.
Listen to anything that's really bad, like a cat throwing up or someone drowning a baby animal. Anything like that and you've got a pretty good idea of what it's like to listen to punk rock.
by Don Jelehanty April 23, 2007
Fast and hard music that is generally not too musical but new-wave punk is more catchy and tunefull such as blink 182 green day NOFX the distillers rancid etc... old punk is more about not caring and anarchy or being yourself like the ramones the sex pistols the clash the saints iggy and the stooges etc...
Oh and punks hate hippies!
Blink 182: I hate the jocks the hippie f**kin scumbags, heavy mettallers with their little pussy hair bands.
sex pistols:I am an anarchist I don't know what I want but I know how to get it
by Jack Delonge February 27, 2004
Punk rock is a very good sound of music. Started in the 70s with "Ramones" but didnt really get to good untill the british made it better. It has been dead. for along time. Deals with anti conformity, anti establishment, about anti everything. It is all about haveing fun and fucking the system.
Punk:Dead Kennedys,Adolescents,Black Flag,Clash,Damned,Buzzcocks,Public IMage Limited,Ducky boys,UK subs,X Ray Spex, Lower Class Brats, Social Distortion,The Niggers

Not Punk: Green Day, Good Charlotte, Simple Plain, Blink 182.
by Jacob Crim January 08, 2005
music that makes you want to kill yourself! Music that sucks in every way possible!! If u listen to this music u are probliby goth and support the devil.

bands like "green day" reality check they suck and are old!! get a new life if u listen to this crap because its far from music!!
I like punk rock, whats your favorite band, green day "i want to be an american idiot" guess what u are a american idiot!!
by Cody Podlewski July 24, 2006

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