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the worst incarnation of rock (if you want to call it that) ever to be created, started by poser fags like blink 182 and avril lavign, not to mention Mtv. it is really just pop lyrics with "emo" music. the intrumentals are horrible, the singers sound like 8 year olds and in their videos they jump around like mad and seem to be having seizures. the bands have no talent and bost of hardcore attitudes when they are just whiney little boys screaming into a mic.

ass batter
"ooh im so cool i listen t good charolate and simple plan! i have blue spiked hair and war a necktie with a T-shirt! im so HARDCORE!"
"shut the fuck up before i kick you in the nads loser. you want hardcore? KoRn, Disturbed, Marilyn Manson. now get out of my face poser peice of shit."
by jim May 07, 2005
21 144
Started out as music but then quickly became a clique for trendy,fashion-conscious,middle-schoolers.
Every now and then an actual punk band plays some actual punk.This doesn't happen very often though.You usually have to sift through mountains of gay bullshit to get to the good punk!
by bite me September 19, 2004
37 24
A pretty cool style of music started by Republicans "The Ramones"

which has now been turned into pussy music by the whiney EMO-CRATS and Mtv!!
fuck Mtv............................ .
by Fat Mike is a Fat Tard September 09, 2004
102 91
Three chords and the truth.
Bad Religion, NOFX, Social Distortion, bands with a message more than "I'm sad, I'm gonna cut myself". That's punk rock.
by Jon Reed February 26, 2008
12 2
The Tao that can be spoken of is not the true Tao. Such is the way of Punk Rock.

If you're looking for it here, just stop now.
Stop looking for examples of PUnk RoCK
by Doom2099 July 06, 2006
18 8
A Middle finger to the progressive rock movement. Often consists of simple fith chord structures. However the music is not as important as the message; there are no rules.
Punk Rock can be divided into many sub-genres such as pop punk, street punk, nu punk, old skool punk stc.
smash shit up in the name of punk rock!
by Birchy19 October 03, 2009
14 5
A genre of rock started in the 70s and lasted through the 80s. There are still some punk bands now, but they are very scarce.

The media tries to tell you that punk is listening to My Chemical Romance or dressing in all black, etc. However, true punks dress according to their whim and listen to whatever they want.

Emo kids are just pseudo-punks. Don't let them convince you that they are individuals, because emo is the mainstream trend of 2005. True punk has no set style or gimmick.
REAL punk rock: Dead Kennedys, Ramones, Rancid.
FAKE punk rock: Blink 182, Good Charlotte, Green Day.
by CManX55 December 04, 2005
33 24
The most powerful and energetic music ever made. THe music that doesnt hold back and refuses to be censored. the musics who has something to say about everything, and most importantly the music that will never die as long as punk bands are still making good music (The Virus, THe Unseen, lots of local bands, and etc.), the punk music that was made a long time ago (Minor Threat, Social Distorion, Bad Brains, Conflict, The Exploited, Black Flag, The Subhumans, The Germs, and i could go on forever) lives on inside us and influences us still, and that there are still true punks that support the scene. In the words of The Exploited, "Punk's Not Dead!"
Punk1: Good Charlotte and Simple plan and all those other pop punks band killed punk.
Punk2: Punk's not dead! Those bands do suck ass, but they didnt kill punk. punk'll never die.
Punk1:tru dat boi
by Evan Kaplan May 05, 2005
26 17