The act of taking someone's backback, removing its contents, turning the aforementioned backpack inside out, replacing the contents, and zipping it shut.

"Dude, Johnny just left his backback unatended. Let's Punknasty that shit!"

"Haha, you just got punknastied, fool!"
by Maximus Lloyd November 04, 2007
Top Definition
To punk nasty someone is to take their backpack, remove the contents, turn the backpack inside-out, replace the contents, and then zip it back up. To double punk nasty a pair of people, one punk nastys each person, but swaps the contents of their packs.
"Go get Liza's backpack, I'm going to punk nasty her"
by paly September 28, 2007
1. (v) The act of removing the contents of someone's backpack, turning it inside out, and re-inserting the contents into the inside out bag, usually during class.
2. (n) The victorious exclamation often proclaimed after a successful Punk Nasty.
3. (var) Funk (or Dunk/Chunk) Nasty: A variation on the Punk Nasty in which the assailant uses the Punk Nastied backpack as a fecal receptacle (ie takes a shit inside it).
1. "Damn nigga, you just got yo sorry ass Punk Nastied!"
3. "What the hell is that smell?"
by Dr. Captain Delicious October 08, 2007
1. Beyond awesome
2. hit hard
That was so punknasty
I'll domerock you punknasty
by Robert wellm March 16, 2008
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