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When a celebrity falls into a trap of trickery cleverly devised by Ashton Kutcher so that he can wave his arms around and make his retro John Deere hat fall off while going into a seizure from the most recent punk.
You just got punk'd! I'm Ashton Kutcher! I have nothing better to do than sneek around in my trucker clothing and punk people! I'M AWESOME!
by Donnie! April 06, 2005
7 17
an amazing show by ashton kutcher where he tricks celebrties.... too bad the 2nd season isnt nearly as good....
punk'd was amazing until ashton didn't show up anymore
by billy bob thorton is god April 03, 2005
30 40
a really stupid show. ashton kutcher has no life.
some actor comes up to , say, benji and joel madden of gc. he starts screaming that their suv rolled over on top of his car. then he starts cussing them out. later, they find out they've been punk'd. joel holds up both his middle fingers. (ahahahaha) and ashton has a good laugh. pointless.
by goodcharlotteriotgrl August 15, 2004
38 48
A cool show with Ashton Kutcher where he punks celebrities. It is on MTV!! It rocks!!
dude: hey lets go watch punkd!!!
girl: ya i love to watch ashton!! he is hot!!!
by ijfsfjdjf August 06, 2005
12 23
A show on MTV hosted by Ashton Kutcher. He pranks celebrities and says "I'm Ashton Kutcher and...I'M AWESOME!". Also see dumbfuck and reality tv
I'm dumbass Ashton Kutcher and you've just been punk'd!
by Blaire January 16, 2005
13 25
when sumbody plays a trick on you
me-yo i gotta tell you sumthing
sum guy-wut
me-im pregant
sum guy-holy shit, how did this happen
me-haha you've just been punk'd

RIP-me..sum guy just killed me
by guu May 17, 2003
7 20
kick ass show Ashton Kutcher is the man. Go John Deer
yo jonny lets go watch punkd man!
by me April 01, 2005
10 44