Most closely related to an emo. A punk is a person who has a "no fucks given" attitude, wears intensely tight skinny jean, and listens to punk rock music.
So that punk kid we made fun of, is actually the lead singer for some badass band.
by HippySwag301 April 30, 2015
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A real meanie.
Someone who is a fail at life and does nothing to help himself.
A punk lacks common sense.
The accuser who is calling the other person a punk may be jealous of the other person's luck, life, or a mixture of both. Therefore the accusor must also be a punk.
Punk: Hey Chester! How's it goin? Look at this awesome mayonaise bottle I found lying on the ground!

Normal person: What a punk...
by Veggie Force March 30, 2011
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just another silly little word for weed mostly used in the south east areas
Reece: Safe Alex. Can you get any punk?
Alex: Yeye i'll link you in 10 at the church!
by nobbynutter July 10, 2008
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look guys im punk stop fussin punk is this punk is that if u relli wanna be a punk
be urself and if any 1 tells u other wise sell them to go fuck a chickin or sommthing else just be hu u r be differernt stand out from the crowd do what u whant wen u want >>>>>>GRRRRRRAAAA<<<<<
just try an stop me
...... oh yeh and ANARCHY !!!!!!
punks cr8ters are sex pistols things like fall out boy are wannabes!!!!
ramones and the clash or what about generation x now that is punk like long an prosper dudes ....NOT LOL
by JAMES GRRRRR August 12, 2006
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a person who rejects societal pressures and norms, a person who fights for what they believe. Not with violence... exception being punching Nazi's and people just like them. Fighters for the underdogs and the downtrodden. Can be shown through art and dress, music etc.
Look! that punk just punched a Nazi!!

That punk fights with their art.
by punk88 February 27, 2017
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Someone who gets in arguments and has no real friends. He/She gets cursed out every day
Janae is such a punk, so let's not talk to her said the other girls
by ralphseri November 22, 2014
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People who don't give a fuck about anything other than what music THEY themself listen to.
Punk: Fuck you
by bigniggertitties January 13, 2015
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