wanna know what punk is in these tragic plastic emo shit fuck days? (cries and cuts)

you wanna be a punk, so go on wikihow.com and follow all the fucking tips. remember, be original and NEVER ever be fake! (also a tip from wikihow.com, but don't tell anyone it's gonna ruin my reputation oh oh...)

"I think I'm punk, but I never say that! My clothes are really hardcore and I have all those typical punk symbols all over my body, yep, look, I drink beer and I smoke, okay, yes, I SMOKE,YOU HAVE TO KNOW THAT!!! But at school I'm nice, I wanna have good marks and after school I go home and eat my dinner with my mummy. And I never forget to use the word "fuck" all the time! FUCK YOU!!! FUCK YOU ALL!!!"
do you think I'm punk?
yea, I think you're punk, but do you know what true punk is what real punk is is what punk means, I guess I'm punk I read about punk and it says that I'm punk
by idiotkabitchfukk September 09, 2007
A fucking idiot!

Baby boomers and older will really know this term as someone who is a complete jerk, generally a young person who is acting antisocially and NOT in a good way. Like flattening tires or breaking windows. The term was hijacked by the punk music movement. It's really a derogatory term and anyone who is associating it with being cool is a punk according to my definition.
"That kid is a punk."
by kat100 October 27, 2007
A cheap, petty hoodlum who woofs and brags a lot about how tough he is. He may may tattoos and a spiked collar to boost his ego. All show, no blow.

A gunsel.
Nothing shuts up a punk faster than a good, solid bust in the chops.
by Bumkicker Slade May 11, 2005
A person who will say they are a non-conformist even though they indeed are very much conformists. They wear hardcore band shirts, go to shows, hate the government because some punk band told them to, if it's a female expect them not to shave or wear make up. Basically be feminists.
They like to dress in Urban Outfitters and American Apparel even though they all preach the need about non-conformity. They will listen to all the "cool" punk music, for example Andrew Jackson Jihad, and basically just think they are the coolest motha fuckas in town. Keep in mind they are all just huge hypocrites and they want what everyone else wants, to fit in. Contrary to what they say, like always. Basically just a group of hipsters that are good at following trends. They like to look dirty, dye their hair, and get their septums pierced. They ride fixies, are into DIY(do it yourself), saving the environment, and veganism. Lets not forget they all claim to be straight edge, even though they aren't. It's just what the punk bands tell them to do. "Punk" bands: Spoonboy, Johnny Hobo, Andrew Jackson Jihad, Ghost Mice, Against Me, and Paul Baribeau are some examples. You might hear them say up the punks, well FUCK THE PUNKS!
by What a bitch December 09, 2009
the shitclogs in the toilet of society
punks stop the world from running down the drain
by FatCam August 25, 2008
"A guy walks up to me and asks 'What's Punk?'. So I kick over a garbage can and say 'That's punk!'. So he kicks over the garbage can and says 'That's Punk?', and I say 'No that's trendy!" - billie joe armstrong Green Day

a) a type of music thats kinda a faster more aggressive rock n roll. can include many genres.ever growing more popular music that kicks ass!!!!!!!!!!!

b) punk is not only a music genre but a life style.its all about not being afraid of who you are or what you look like. being the minority!!!!most people have this image in their head that punks have pink or green hair and facial piercings which isnt always the case.

a)pop punk,post punk, punk rock ect ect

b)"that guy is a punk" or "i dress like punk"
by kells m w June 06, 2006

Basically, Most people like to say 'Green Day isn’t Punk'

Green Day is punk. Green Day, had the balls, to change there style. They grew out of there old style, and made there own. Most 'punks’ say Green Day isn’t punk.

Green Day is punk. They developed a new sound, that people like to whine about. In these day, how can you NOT be political? Really?

Green Day care about there fans, even If they have money.
Green Day is punk. No matter what you say, Green Day is punk.
by Beatrice Josephine August 16, 2006

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