a fad where people think that they are cool by "being themselves," but in reality everyone is doing it and they're all the same.
normal guy: hey look at that punk
punk: u cant label me...im original!
by shut up June 12, 2005
punk created by the ramones sex pistols and the misfits
people harshly say blink182 are posers there not posers there skater punk
flogging molly fuckin ruulz YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!
by reel big fish June 12, 2005
Little snot kids that try to touch you with dirty hands. Especially heinous are those punks that have just eaten popsicle sticks, their own snot, or are just plain the most punk kids on the planet.
"I'm a little punk with dirty hands coming over to touch your shirt that you just washed"

"Alright, get away you punk"
by G LaF November 11, 2006
Punk: The sound a dick makes when it hits the back of your throat bitch!!
While giving me head I started slamming my dick so hafrd in her throat all you could hear was PUNK PUNK PUNK
by notta punk March 29, 2009
A Young Male Partner Of A Homosexual.

Circa 1975
Hunter S. Thompson Is Quoted As To Saying "Punk? Isn't That Taking It Up The Ass" In The Book Please Kill Me By Legs McNeil And Gillian McCain After The Release Of The Magazine Called "Punk"
by Jane-Lane July 11, 2008
Otherwise known as skunk. A type of cannabis that is stronger than weed or hash.
I got some well nice punk on me dude.
Can i get a henry of that punk bruv?
by ragein December 20, 2006
a bunch of lame ass dick wads who think dressing in torn clothes is trendy. strated out as anti-establishment but now a name for various modern rock bands who make shit loads of money and drive big cars.
see that punk?. which one the preppy punk, the skater punk,the gay punk,oh rite that punk the one sniffing the glue. that is so 1970's
by da original playa June 02, 2006

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