Can be referred to as someone who is wierd, dorky, or is used as a joking term.
Wow, have you seen that wierd kid, Zach D'Angelo, what a punk.
by jose. April 29, 2010
punk isn't just a genre of music it's a way of life where you don't care who is looking do you want you want to and you don't take shit from other people.
punks also believe in war and fighting even over the littlest things!! a good fight always hurts something, but screw it who cares!!

that's punk right there *points to a guy who has a mohawk*

you've never met the guy how do you know he's punk

so.... he's got a mohawk

big whop he's probably a poser!
by drevsy August 04, 2007
A real meanie.
Someone who is a fail at life and does nothing to help himself.
A punk lacks common sense.
The accuser who is calling the other person a punk may be jealous of the other person's luck, life, or a mixture of both. Therefore the accusor must also be a punk.
Punk: Hey Chester! How's it goin? Look at this awesome mayonaise bottle I found lying on the ground!

Normal person: What a punk...
by Veggie Force March 30, 2011
just another silly little word for weed mostly used in the south east areas
Reece: Safe Alex. Can you get any punk?
Alex: Yeye i'll link you in 10 at the church!
by nobbynutter July 10, 2008
Punk is a lifestyle. Punk rock, anarcho punk, crust punk, pop punk, and '77 punk are genres. Do not let anyone tell you that punk is a music genre. Especially if this person considers Hot Topic to be a place to buy punk stuff. It is, in fact, the very thing that Johnny Rotten and all the other early punks were rebelling against.

Johnny Rotten may very well have been in the first punk rock band. The Sex Pistols came out of nowhere to shock the world with their first single, "Anarchy In The UK", completely taking the music industry for a roller coaster ride.

Johnny's US equivilent would probably have to be Jello Biafra, lead singer of the Dead Kennedys. Although Jello sang of revolution, similar to The Clash, the two had alot in common. Neither one seemed to have much disernable singing talent, but they both had more than enough to say.

Nowadays, punk is divided amongst many smaller factions. Usually, these punk factions (such as street punk) hate each other, defeating the whole purpose of the movement. They all want change, and think they'll do it by bickering amongst themselves because of whose band can play the most power chords in a minute. So, for this reason, many people say punk is dead. Or at least deserves to die.
"Punk is my favorite musical genre!"
"NO, stupid, punk is a lifestyle. Punk rock is a musical genre."
by Jim Jihad February 01, 2008
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