A derogatory term used to refer to a male, usually a teenager, who is regarded as inferior, inexperienced, disrespectful, immature, irresponsible, and insignificant or unimportant.
Don't listen to what those kids in juvie hall say. They're just bitter little punks who need to learn their place in this world.
by Cainman September 10, 2013
Billie Joe Armstrong
Person 1: The lead singer from Green Day is so Punk.

Person 2: Thats Billie Joe Armstrong, he is Punk!
by RockerChic418 June 18, 2010
People throw this word around a lot to define a guy who has said or done something to piss them off. For the record, in such a situation a "punk" would be a guy who verbally disrespects or deliberately commits a menacing act toward another. However, he is not a "punk" until that person calls him out as in an invitation to fight and the so called "punk" backs down. At this point he truly is a PUNK!
The only way to demonstrate punk behavior is to call the person out after an act of disrespect has been committed. If he is a coward and backs down, he is branded a punk. "Jimmy is a punk because he wouldn't fight Johnny."

* PLEASE NOTE this entry IS NOT meant to encourage or incite violence toward others as it is meant to clarify a common misconception among people who frequently use this word without regard to it's proper meaning and within the right context.
by behindthe8 March 05, 2010
A fashion and genre of music originating from the mid 70s, thats all it is, it's never been truly anti establishment as it was all just a marketing ploy from the start, the Sex Pistols were essentially just an advertisement for Malcom Mclarens and Vivienne Westwoods fashion line, so in the end everyones a conformist who has bought into the rebellion and "anti-establishment"
do i really need an example? it's blatantly obvious punk's not "anti-establishment" as many people claim it to be, but people have the wool pulled over their eyes
it's good music though
by wtfwr2 January 15, 2010
rock music staying true to the rebellious nature in the roots of rock and roll. anyone who thinks punk is dead is completely wrong, however the phrase "punk is not dead" is generic, overused, has been bedazzled and destroyed.

original core values of anarchy and atheism, punks are just people who desire rational human thought and a better world.

originally "punk" was coined by others as a slur, but was adapted the same way the N-word was adapted.

since its inception, as long as there is a will to resist the government or any group claiming to assert power over others, there will be punk bands.
homesick abortions, sex pistols, the unseen, the casualties, total chaos...PUNK NO DIE.
by badreligion1988 May 22, 2009
is basically music wise..
being punk or punk rock is meaning living life your way with no care...not all punks wear Mohawks..
punk: im finding myself out in life without a care what people kid
fake punk: im soo punk rock with my mohawk!
by www.myspace.com/mcnetty12 April 16, 2009
its an attitude standing up for yourself and what you believe in,and having integrity!!

music also comes into it!
sex pistols
stiff little fingers

by ..//...//../. April 14, 2009

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