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A punk is someone who lives the punk lifestyle. A punk wears "whacky" clothes to show their true colors. A punk is generally anti-authority and apolitical. A punk should firmly be proud of who they are.

Punks are normally anarchists or nihilists, mostly anti-fascist (unless your a Nazi punk, go fuck yourself), sometimes anti-communist, almost always anti-capitalist, sometimes vegetarian, sometimes straight edge, and often very cool, fun people. Punks are found all over the world.

Punks come in all shapes, sizes, colors and creeds. There are all kinds of punks, like crust punks (or crusties), anarchopunks (anarchist punks), street punks (also known as Oi! Punks, which are commonly anarchists), skate punks, surf punks, and the list goes on.

Don't be fooled though, not just anybody can be a punk.

It takes someone who truly believes in the punk way of life-someone who knows what it actually is to be a punk, not the crappy bands Hot Topic or MTV is force-feeding you this week.

Its more than a type of music and instead of just pretending you like it you have to live. Its more than spelling 'punks' as 'punx'.

It takes someone who can take other peoples' shit and criticism without faultering and continuing to be who they are. It takes someone who can be themselves and hold their head high and say, "Hey world! I am what I am, so fuck you!"

Its more than the Ramones and the Misfits and other mainstream punk bands- punk music is more than Rancid and NOFX. Its more than dressing in bondage pants and patched-up studded leather jackets and having a mohawk or your hair dyed blue.

Its something you don't conform to. It is something you just are and believe in. Its more than being anti-authority. Its more than being anti-trendy.

I follow the punk lifestyle because its a great life for me. I'd rather be punk than be an emo or a scene kid because I'm not a trendist giving money or support to companies who don't care about me.
by PUNKDeath432 June 17, 2009
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1. Loud, fast rock music that is typically aggressive and anarchic

2. Anyone who listens to said music and loves moshing, skating (sometimes), and just being themselves. And who HATE fascism!
1. I don't listen to emo, I listen to punk day and night. Rock on!

2. Shut your punk ass up!
I don't take offense to that. Don't you see the Mohawk and the studs? Damn right I'm a punk! FUCK FASCISM!
by Saturn's Problem Child February 17, 2008
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a good genre of music except the "true" fans have their heads so far up their asses about "being different". just listen to the music if its good than who cares what the media label it as. who cares people say green day and the offspring are hardcore punk. i mean they are great bands but are def not hardcore punk.
loser: i hate the offspring just cause other people like them. no body can like what i like cause i am so different than everyone else cause im a punk.
by jimmy13 June 22, 2007
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These days, it means nothing more than a style of dress.
Jenny: Ericka, you look so punk today! What with your black pants and black shirt with a skull on it!
Ericka: No.

Allie: Ericka, today do you think I look Emo? Becuase people keep saying that I look Emo, but personally, I think I look more punk today. 'Cuase you know, I have my punk look and my Emo look. I like my punk look better, though.
Ericka: Sure.

I didn't make those up. It happened.
by Ericka. July 26, 2006
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Victim of ass rape in a prison setting. Synonym for prison bitch. Can also be used as a verb.
As a noun: I'm going to rape that guy and turn him into my punk.

As a verb: I'm gonna punk that bitch.

Past tense verb: That victim of sodomy was just punked.
by cambeu June 13, 2005
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Punk is not a way you look, it's a state of mind. It's not mohawks and DIY Jackets. Typical Street Punk clothing may include mohawks, liberty spikes, combat boots, bondage pants (usually plaid), and leather or denim jackets. The MOST important thing I will tell you is just because you have a mohawk, doesn't mean you're punk. I myself had a mohawk, but I did it for idols(Tim Armstrong, Lars Frederiksen, etc) not for fashion. Punk is truly a mindset of independence. The freedom America provides should let us do anything, Anarchy if you will. No stereotypes are true. 'A punk has a mohawk and wears combat boots,' Henry Rollins from the legendary Hardcore Punk band 'Black Flag' is very simplistic. Once again punk is not a fashion, but a mindset.
Person 1: Look at that guy! He's doing whatever he wants to!
Person 2: That's pretty punk.


Person 1: That guy is abiding by the rules, but he's got these huge spikes on his leather jacket.
Person 2: Poser punk.
by Casualties|Dead Kennedys November 20, 2011
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IS NOT DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!
by liltemp666 August 15, 2011
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