Punk is a type of music.

Punk is a way of thinking.

Punk is a way of believing.

Punk is not what you wear.

Punk is not Blink-182. (Sorry, folks...)

Punk is not Sum 41!

Punk, is believing what you what to believe. Punk is going against the world. Punk is not caring who stares at you says "OH MY, WHAT AN AWFUL PERSON THAT MUST BE!". Punk is feeling what you want to feel, being who you want to be, punk is being somebody.

Punk is not what you see television! Or hear on the radio. Or read about in books or magazines! Punk is not about being like all the guys with mohawks and chelseas!


And it doesn't matter if you're rich or poor, happy or sad, black or white, catholic or atheist. It doesn't matter if you live in a house, an apartment, a basement or on the street! PUNK ACCEPTS ANYBODY! ANYBODY AND EVERYBODY!
"Oh, I'm so punk, because, I just bought a Sex Pistols t-shirt!"= No.
by Bronx. September 09, 2007
A male who acts as if he has no spine at all. Often exuding his femininity with every word he speaks and or gesture he makes. Punk is often used in conjunction with Beyatch. See also "beyatch" and "lil."
Dawg yo boy is soft and got handled like a lil punk beyatch.
by Anchor June 07, 2005
1. a style of music that is rebelious and usually underground and usually anti everything that has to do with the government.

2. a way of life in that you are your only master. punks are rebellious, anti-everything that ends with an -ism (expet anarchism), and anarcchists, intimiting by their looks and proud mother fuckers. if you spend alot on your cloths when you are a punk you are a poser. punk cloths are usaully stolen, bought at pawn shops or thrift stores or made by themselfs. punks are usually stereotyped as annoying leather studed jacket, plaid pants and band shirt wearing jerks. that is not always true. those type of punks are usually more outgoing and fun to be around. they are called OI! punx and there are many more types of punks. such as the halloween punk, they are more dressed up in black and look like the guys from the misfits. there are the classic punkers which are more laid back on their clothing, their more about attitude than image. then theres posers, they are not punks at all but losers who need a life and stop trying to copy real punks. posers are main stream pop-punks, they dress like good charlette and green day and are happy go lucky and sing about girls.
1. the casualties, sex pistols, the ramones, cheap sex,etc..

2. -OI! punx- usually lower middle class to lower class. leather jacket, tight pants, studs and patches, multi-colored hair that is usually mohawked or liberty spiked.

-pop-punk- those who wear $50 baggies(baggie cloths). they think famous and dc ect. are punk.

-halloween punks- more dressed up punks who like to wear black. tey ussualy wear skelliton suits or somthing along thise lines.

-classic punks- they stick to their punk rock roots. somewhat intimidaiting in looks, but not as intimidating as OI! punx. more concerned with life issues than parties.
by johnny noxious June 04, 2005
Punk is a subculture that was originally begun with the objective of being anti-establishment, but is now actually the mainstream trend, thus rendering the very principle of punk null and void. What it takes to be a 'real' punk is unknown because every punk thinks every other punk is a poser.

Punk is often associated with anarchy, leading stores like Hot Topic to slap the anarchy symbol on everything possible, when, in fact, anarchy is the opposition to things like government and capitialism, etc., so to be a real anarchist, one would have to not buy things at the fucking mall, thus making 98% of punks under 18 total dumbasses.

Punk as a fashion style has been ground into the ground so hard I never want to see a studded belt ever again and as a musical form, punk has been cut up and incorporated into so many other styles, it's hard to find a 100% punk band anymore. But none of the following are punk bands or artists: Simple Plan, Good Charlotte, Ashlee Simpson, Avril Lavigne, or any band ever called emo ever.
"Omg, this Ramones tee I'm buying at the Buckle in the lower of my local mall next to the Gap is, like, so punk!"
by xxxholic June 01, 2005
1. Those girls who are like, "I'm fucking cool and if you don't think so I don't care." Well you obviously DO care if you have to tell everyone about it. And calling yourself cool is so not cool. Didn't you learn anything in middle school?

2. The dancing like in Ashlee Simpson's La La video when she's in the parking lot wearing that white tanktop. You know, the kind that looks like you're about to fall flat on your face. And the shoes. And the pants! Man, what is this in thing about not looking like you have any curves? And if a person were to ask "Is that person a guy or a girl?", some snooty person would go "Does it matter?"

Yeah buddy. It does matter.

3. Trying to look like you're poor and you shop at the thirft store. People actually spend a bunch of money to look this way. Is it another supposedly open-minded thing? Trying to say that it doesn't matter if you're poor? Cause y'all seem pretty snobby and judgmental for people who see what's inside everyone else!

4. The whole thing where people do stupid things and act stupid ways and then get mad at you if you say anything. "I'M COOL AND IF YOU DON'T THINK SO I DON'T CARE!" No, actually, you're lame. You get straight A's but then you put 7 cookies all on one side of the pan and waste a bunch of electricity baking them. "I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU THINK! I'M COOL! DO YOU HEAR ME??"

5. This whole indie thing! It's not indie if you're trying! Do you not realize how mainstream you are being with the pants and the shoes and the hair? And its hilarious how people will join those rating communities and in their applications write "I don't care if you don't like me!" And if your music isn't indie music then they don't accept you. So the people try really hard ot get the most indie bands they can so the other people will think they listen to cool music. Yeah. Not indie. Sorry.

6. Back to the baking thing. Have you ever gone to a coffee shop and noticed how they throw a bunch of chocolate chips on the tops of the muffins and call them "chocolate chip muffins"? And you know people are going "We don't need factory-made, brand name food," all snooty-like. You know what? I'm not even gonna get into this one. I think I'm just gonna buy a bunch of those muffins and shove them down Indie Guy's throat one after another while screaming, "I don't care what you think!"
That girl with the hair like a rooster and the too-small jacket thinks she's a punk!
by rydiawednesday May 31, 2005
expressing yourself with loud, fast, political music that comes from the UK. (great party music!)
the ramones, the sex pistols, wire, the dead kennedys, the clash. that's old school. this is new school; anti-flag, bad religion
by Amanda May 06, 2005
By definition in today's African American communities, a derogatory term used against gay who dress in a flamboyant way, are loud, are messy, and ussually fight women

See also: fagg*t
Girl: I don't have a problem with gays but i hate punks
by Beyoncépussylicker April 13, 2013
A prison inmate who trades sexual favors for cigarettes, drugs, and/or protection from other inmates.
When Jimmy went to prison, he was such a small guy that he had to be someone's little punk so that he could survive.
by tittyfuck_your_buttcheeks April 02, 2011

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