Punk is a type of music.

Punk is a way of thinking.

Punk is a way of believing.

Punk is not what you wear.

Punk is not Blink-182. (Sorry, folks...)

Punk is not Sum 41!

Punk, is believing what you what to believe. Punk is going against the world. Punk is not caring who stares at you says "OH MY, WHAT AN AWFUL PERSON THAT MUST BE!". Punk is feeling what you want to feel, being who you want to be, punk is being somebody.

Punk is not what you see television! Or hear on the radio. Or read about in books or magazines! Punk is not about being like all the guys with mohawks and chelseas!


And it doesn't matter if you're rich or poor, happy or sad, black or white, catholic or atheist. It doesn't matter if you live in a house, an apartment, a basement or on the street! PUNK ACCEPTS ANYBODY! ANYBODY AND EVERYBODY!
"Oh, I'm so punk, because, I just bought a Sex Pistols t-shirt!"= No.
by Bronx. September 09, 2007
Was a movement started in the 70s by bands like the Ramones, Clash, Sex Pistols, Casualties, Generation X, Mc5, Iggy and The Stooges etc. It was started in New York and made it's way to the UK around the year of 1975. It is now being ruined by bands like Good Charlotte, Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance etc. These people are more focused on looking the part than on the music and message that comes along with it. Maybe if they chilled out for awhile and were themselves they could actually be put into a position to put out an actual punk album. Other people probably wont agree with me but I Think Sum41 is a pretty decent "punk" band. Listen to the lyrics to Fat Lip and dare not to call them punk. Anyways, the stereotyped style includes things like

- Mohawks
- Multi-colored hair
- Tight jeans or ripped jeans
- Studded belts
- Peireced body parts
- Tattoos

You don't even have to look the part to be punk you just have to like the music and have the signature attitude,

- Defiant
- Politcally outspoken
- Anti-establishment

other traits I cannot think of.
The Runaways were a great punk band, but are never credited for it.
by I Don't Care About Anybody March 25, 2010
A punk is a member of the "punk movement" from the 70's and 80's. These kids generally dressed in holey jeans and dirty t-shirts with old sneakers, mainly because they couldn't afford better apparal.

Punks were largly associated with the genre of rock and roll that was named for there movement. Punk bands were made up of punks and the music displayed the themes of the punk movement.

Punks generally believed in a few common principals:
1. They commonly felt that there was no future for them, and that they would end up in the same poverty that they had been born into. This usually caused them to act in somewhat destructive ways. They usually were angry at society for that they could not move up in the social ranks.
2. Punks were not in favor of the goverment. They felt that the government was unfair to people of there stature. Sinse they felt so against the goverment they usually acted out in ways opposite of what was politically correct.
3. Punkers generally liked things perceived as negative such as violance, anarchy, drugs, sex, and things of that type. They rejected the norm of society, probably because the norm of society had rejected them.
4. They enjoyed punk music and dressed poorly for the reasons previously stated.
Kid: Dad, you're from the 80's, what's a REAL punk?

Dad: Well I was a punk back in my day

Kid: Whatever dad, your hairs not green. Plus, you were POOR when you were a kid. You could NEVER afford the sick clothes all the punk kids wear.
by MThaliaB January 08, 2010
1. Someone who listens to Punk music. No matter what they look like! No matter what race, gender, age or sexuality.
2. A genre of music. Hard to describe but you can tell when you hear it. Crass, conflict and Restarts being obvious bands. But also spreading out with acoustic, folk, ska, metal or hardcore influence. King Blues, Zounds and Extreme Noise Terror and Mischief Brew being examples.

1.A fashion.
2.Almost all of stuff you'd hear on radio or television.
3.Homophobia, Sexism and Racism!
Punk is dead.

You wankers with dyed mohawks are killing punk.

Punks be Crawlin'
by Topmanarchist July 25, 2009
A punk is someone who lives the punk lifestyle. A punk wears "whacky" clothes to show their true colors. A punk is generally anti-authority and apolitical. A punk should firmly be proud of who they are.

Punks are normally anarchists or nihilists, mostly anti-fascist (unless your a Nazi punk, go fuck yourself), sometimes anti-communist, almost always anti-capitalist, sometimes vegetarian, sometimes straight edge, and often very cool, fun people. Punks are found all over the world.

Punks come in all shapes, sizes, colors and creeds. There are all kinds of punks, like crust punks (or crusties), anarchopunks (anarchist punks), street punks (also known as Oi! Punks, which are commonly anarchists), skate punks, surf punks, and the list goes on.

Don't be fooled though, not just anybody can be a punk.

It takes someone who truly believes in the punk way of life-someone who knows what it actually is to be a punk, not the crappy bands Hot Topic or MTV is force-feeding you this week.

Its more than a type of music and instead of just pretending you like it you have to live. Its more than spelling 'punks' as 'punx'.

It takes someone who can take other peoples' shit and criticism without faultering and continuing to be who they are. It takes someone who can be themselves and hold their head high and say, "Hey world! I am what I am, so fuck you!"

Its more than the Ramones and the Misfits and other mainstream punk bands- punk music is more than Rancid and NOFX. Its more than dressing in bondage pants and patched-up studded leather jackets and having a mohawk or your hair dyed blue.

Its something you don't conform to. It is something you just are and believe in. Its more than being anti-authority. Its more than being anti-trendy.

I follow the punk lifestyle because its a great life for me. I'd rather be punk than be an emo or a scene kid because I'm not a trendist giving money or support to companies who don't care about me.
by PUNKDeath432 June 17, 2009
Punk music is great and all, but that depends on yr opinion and stuff... So far as clothes, nobody could ever care less, and if they're the type who DO care so much what others go about wearing, and stereotype, they're not really worth considering, ever. Don't worry about them.

always live.
so long as
there is someone standing up and fighting for what
they believe.
It's a lifestyle. You don't take bullshit.

That's all there really is to it. No matter what you might stand for, if yr standing up strong, not budging and basically being annoyingly difficult to those who oppose you, you can be (at least a bit) punk. Believe it or not, there aren't a CRAPLOAD of peope like that, but they're there.
Actually, mohawks are pretty awesome. I suppose they're some landmark, and y'know, when you think bout it, not many people like 'em. Survive the stares, rude accusitions bout worshipping the devil, even retaliate.... every con that comes with that awesome 'do, keep it (not just for the couple months that it's a trend) and yr punk. Fuck those mohawk-hating moosefucks!
by light rail coyote January 10, 2007
in prison a male homosexual relation the person who recives his partner
in prison bubba wants to put himself into you you become his punk
by stevil May 23, 2005
Punk is fucking awesome dude!! it's so awesome, it's what Chuck Norris masturbates to! UHH >.<
ask yourself, what would a punk do...... no no no scratch that... what would Henry Rollins do :) yea >.<
by droolingpunkguy1 December 25, 2011
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