Punk is a type of music.

Punk is a way of thinking.

Punk is a way of believing.

Punk is not what you wear.

Punk is not Blink-182. (Sorry, folks...)

Punk is not Sum 41!

Punk, is believing what you what to believe. Punk is going against the world. Punk is not caring who stares at you says "OH MY, WHAT AN AWFUL PERSON THAT MUST BE!". Punk is feeling what you want to feel, being who you want to be, punk is being somebody.

Punk is not what you see television! Or hear on the radio. Or read about in books or magazines! Punk is not about being like all the guys with mohawks and chelseas!


And it doesn't matter if you're rich or poor, happy or sad, black or white, catholic or atheist. It doesn't matter if you live in a house, an apartment, a basement or on the street! PUNK ACCEPTS ANYBODY! ANYBODY AND EVERYBODY!
"Oh, I'm so punk, because, I just bought a Sex Pistols t-shirt!"= No.
by Bronx. September 09, 2007
Nowadays, most people consider that punk doesn't exist anymore. Wrong...

1. you are the master of your own fate
2. you are the gatekeeper of your life
3. you are the judge of all of your decisions
4. you suppress people who dare suppress you
5. you don't care at all
6. you resist people who are superior than you
7. you don't judge people through their knowledge, skill, livelihood, universal understanding
8. you live a carefree life
9. you are nobody's shadow
10. you are the defender of your personal likes
11. (like no. 6) you rebel from superiors who provoke you
12. you despise perfectionists
13. you don't let anyone corrupt your mind
14. you know what's good for you
15. you are just yourself....nothing else
...then that's the real punk in you..
These are PUNKS
1)It matters not how strait the gate,

How charged with punishments the scroll.

I am the master of my fate:

I am the captain of my soul.

-Invictus by William Ernest Henley

2)i am the world of the poem

the poem of the world

i am the i which is unending

the i which is undying

the poem of the world

-I am the World by Alejandro Abadilla (translated from filipino)
by bowzerD January 11, 2013
Punk is not a way you look, it's a state of mind. It's not mohawks and DIY Jackets. Typical Street Punk clothing may include mohawks, liberty spikes, combat boots, bondage pants (usually plaid), and leather or denim jackets. The MOST important thing I will tell you is just because you have a mohawk, doesn't mean you're punk. I myself had a mohawk, but I did it for idols(Tim Armstrong, Lars Frederiksen, etc) not for fashion. Punk is truly a mindset of independence. The freedom America provides should let us do anything, Anarchy if you will. No stereotypes are true. 'A punk has a mohawk and wears combat boots,' Henry Rollins from the legendary Hardcore Punk band 'Black Flag' is very simplistic. Once again punk is not a fashion, but a mindset.
Person 1: Look at that guy! He's doing whatever he wants to!
Person 2: That's pretty punk.


Person 1: That guy is abiding by the rules, but he's got these huge spikes on his leather jacket.
Person 2: Poser punk.
by Casualties|Dead Kennedys November 20, 2011
A punk is an individual, someone who will do anything they feel is right or necessary; someone who doesn't conform to society or the perfect person... A true punk doesn't even conform to the "punk" stereotype. A true punk will fuck this "definition" of punk and go out and be whoever the fuck they want to be, no matter what anyone has to say about it.
Person: "Do you associate yourself as a punk?"
punk: "I could care less. I'm me."

Punk Rock musicians getting crazy on stage
by Vanity Gloria June 23, 2011
Not giving a damn what people think of you and their opinions
"I think Bad religion and Bob Marley are great punk influences!" "Dude that stuff sucks, thats not music at all! you should be listening to this" "you know what go fuck yourself in a corner with a fire axe, then chop your own head off for being a prick".
by we are nihilism January 12, 2011
Punk is just being different, not being a follower. But this can be misleading, true punk is INNER. When you see the people with the huge liberty spikes yelling "Anarchy" and shit like that, those are posers. It's not being different as an, what you look like, but what you feel, who you are, and not giving a shit whether people accept you or not.
True: Having fun, and doing the stupidest things for the hell of it, because it makes you happy. Being a true punk.

False: Breaking random shit to show off for your friends.
by xAndre182 September 02, 2010

punk is not hard, punk is not soft, punk is expression, if I want to listen to what I want to cause I feel it defines my persona and dont follow what everyone follows for the sake of meeting the norm, I am a punk, if I wear what I want because it defines me and doest try to be like everyone else to be "cool" I am a punk, if I do what ever the fuck I want to do, I am a punk, are you?
by dontaskmewhatmynameis July 03, 2010
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