Punk is a type of music.

Punk is a way of thinking.

Punk is a way of believing.

Punk is not what you wear.

Punk is not Blink-182. (Sorry, folks...)

Punk is not Sum 41!

Punk, is believing what you what to believe. Punk is going against the world. Punk is not caring who stares at you says "OH MY, WHAT AN AWFUL PERSON THAT MUST BE!". Punk is feeling what you want to feel, being who you want to be, punk is being somebody.

Punk is not what you see television! Or hear on the radio. Or read about in books or magazines! Punk is not about being like all the guys with mohawks and chelseas!


And it doesn't matter if you're rich or poor, happy or sad, black or white, catholic or atheist. It doesn't matter if you live in a house, an apartment, a basement or on the street! PUNK ACCEPTS ANYBODY! ANYBODY AND EVERYBODY!
"Oh, I'm so punk, because, I just bought a Sex Pistols t-shirt!"= No.
by Bronx. September 09, 2007
Punk is not easy to describe. It is people who want to be themselves and rebel against anything that is oppressing them. The music is such things like Caustic Christ and MC5. Not Green Day and Blink 182. Punk is not about your ex-girlfriend. That's called emo. Punk is about being an individual. But not even that anymore because the people classified as punk nowadays all look alike with they're highlighter colored hair, and fucked up clothes. And their fucking mohawks. Don't go for the cool look. Go for something that would make everyone stare. Not what every other punk wears.
"You ain't hardcore 'cause you spike your hair when a jock still lives inside your head"

-Dead Kennedys, "Nazi Punks Fuck Off"
by Dirty Starfield Road July 23, 2006
Punk is messy, and dirty, and fucking good. The music is radical, the lyrics filled with ego and attitude, and the way punks dress to signal that they are rebels and they are proud to differ frok everyone else.
The style of punk ranges from crazy, dyed hair (blues, pinks, reds, etc), and accessories such as backwards snapbacks, thick wristbands with spikes going up them. It is converse, with mismatched laces (not necessarily) and tight black jeans. It's different, and bloody amazing, so preps should shut up and realise that hey, they look pretty stupid too, all dressed with funny trends and pink ands hit.

Punk is different from emo due to the attitude.

Emos are like this, "I fuckin hate my life, everybody hates me and I don't blame them. I'm gonna go cut myself. It makes me feel better."
Punks are like this, "Fuck you, dammit! I don't care what you say, coz I'm epic and no one can stop me from rocking with the best of them! YEAH!"

To be a true punk, you need to respect and understand the music. You need to feel the lyrics and even write your own punk songs. This will never happen, but it would be great if people just sit back and say, "y'know what, that's who they are. They're not wannabe freaks. They're not insane spastics. They are cool, and they know it, and they like to express."
We can all dream, punks.
Taken from Green Day, legendary punk band,

"Ha ha you're dead
And I'm so happy
You were an asshole
And now you're gone."
by Stuntgirl<3 August 13, 2012
Punk isn't "all about the music". Punk isn't beating up people you don't like. Punk is rebelling against what you don't believe in. Punk is the DIY ethic. You are not a punk if you shop at Hot Topic. No, rephrase that, you aren't a punk if you claim to be one BECAUSE of the fact that you shop at Hot Topic. Many people say punk is not buying into big corporations. True, but its okay to give in every once in a while. Punk is not being a total asshole to everyone you see, and excluding people because they aren't "punk" enough. Punk is all about being you, not what MTV tells you to be.

And no, having a mohawk doesn't make you punk. Neither does watching SLC Punk.
Ignorant twit wearing Simple Plan shirt: Oh my god, I look totally punx rawks right now!!
Me: ...Are you stupid?
Ignorant twit: Whatever, you just wish you were a real punk.
Me: Jebus, you probably don't even know what DIY stands for. Pathetic...
Ignorant twit: Whatever, I have a Good Charlotte concert to go to.
Me: And I have a Bloodclots show to go to. Off with you!
by ThePunkRockKid March 28, 2009
Circa 1975 - A Young Male Partner Of A Homosexual.

Reference, Hunter S. Thompson In The Book Please Kill Me :The Oral History Of Punk Rock. Written By Legs McNeil And Gillian McCain.
Dude, Your Bf Is Like So Way Older Than You, Your Such A Punk

by Jane-Lane July 10, 2008
fuck you, u cant describe punk, it is not wat people today call it, it is punk and that is what it is
good times at punk concerts
by mohawk man March 21, 2007
A young male boredello for an elderly man, or as most people would put it a young teenage boy sex-slave for an old man
timmy is one god damn punk old man johnson does have him on
by Unicornllamadino February 14, 2011
A punk is a male who has practical jokes played on them or is picked on, usually on a regular basis, by others (punk'd). Another use of the word refers to what older adults might call a male rebel teen or street low-life. A thug is sometimes called a punk.
Joe is considered a punk at school because other kids constantly give him wedgies.

That punk rode his bike over my grass.

That punk tried to carjack my ride.
by WhoGivesADayyum July 01, 2010
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