wanna know what punk is in these tragic plastic emo shit fuck days? (cries and cuts)

you wanna be a punk, so go on wikihow.com and follow all the fucking tips. remember, be original and NEVER ever be fake! (also a tip from wikihow.com, but don't tell anyone it's gonna ruin my reputation oh oh...)

"I think I'm punk, but I never say that! My clothes are really hardcore and I have all those typical punk symbols all over my body, yep, look, I drink beer and I smoke, okay, yes, I SMOKE,YOU HAVE TO KNOW THAT!!! But at school I'm nice, I wanna have good marks and after school I go home and eat my dinner with my mummy. And I never forget to use the word "fuck" all the time! FUCK YOU!!! FUCK YOU ALL!!!"
do you think I'm punk?
yea, I think you're punk, but do you know what true punk is what real punk is is what punk means, I guess I'm punk I read about punk and it says that I'm punk
by idiotkabitchfukk September 09, 2007
A punk is usually someone who sk8boards and listens to really kewl rawk bands like Simple Plan, Newfound Glory, and Hoobastank. I'm a punk because I said shut up to my mom.
"I'm addicted to yoooou!!"
- Simple Plan
by PunkRawkerKid May 12, 2005
similar to a bitch but with qualities of a shit talker,douche bag and rat fuck all rolled into one.
A prag one who takes the whole piece of man meat either in the mouth or in the ass ( metaphoricaly speaking)
Soldier 1: Ssg.B is a fucking punk for pulling all his stupid shit on the troops.
Soldier 2: Yeah i agree he is a real credit to the shit bag
by The Prospect May 03, 2008
look guys im punk stop fussin punk is this punk is that if u relli wanna be a punk
be urself and if any 1 tells u other wise sell them to go fuck a chickin or sommthing else just be hu u r be differernt stand out from the crowd do what u whant wen u want >>>>>>GRRRRRRAAAA<<<<<
just try an stop me
...... oh yeh and ANARCHY !!!!!!
punks cr8ters are sex pistols things like fall out boy are wannabes!!!!
ramones and the clash or what about generation x now that is punk like long an prosper dudes ....NOT LOL
by JAMES GRRRRR August 12, 2006
The music is just tin pot noise with like chunky ass vocals.
Did you hear cryley's punk music? it sounded like tin pot noise with like chunky ass vocals
by Vaskinator April 09, 2008
A person who is weak or unable to defend them self. A person who has to get someone else to fight their battles.
Lauren (punkee)
Nataliee (punker)
by Someone From Renner July 26, 2008
A punk usually refers to a boy that is a weak wimp that is easily bullied. A punk can also be a school bully's slave.
School Bully: (Grabs the weaker boy by the front of his shirt and pulls him into a bathroom stall.) It's pay day punk. Cough up your lunch money.

Punk: I don't have any money today.

School Bully: Punk, you know you gotta pay everyday or else. (The school bully forces the punk to his knees in front of the toilet and puts the punk's head in the toilet and gives him a swirly.)

School Bully: Now punk, fork over that dollar. (The punk pulls a dollar out of his shoe and hands it to the school bully.) Now, where's my math homework punk? (The punk digs in his pocket and hands the school bully his homework.)

Punk: Can I go now?

School bully: Listen punk, you're my punk and you'll always be my punk. When we are in college, you'll still be forking over your lunch money to me and doing all of my homework each and every night. When we are out of college, you'll still be forking over your paycheck to me every week punk. Guess who will be doing my taxes every year punk?

punk: Me?

School Bully: That's right punk. Let's see, my car is really dirty right now. If only I had a punk to wash and wax my car. Wait a minute, I do have a punk to wash and wax my car. Hey punk, I want you to wash and wax my car starting today.

Punk: Do I have to?

School Bully: (The school bully punches the punk in the eye and the punk falls to the bathroom floor.) Punk, you need to be taught a lesson. (The bully undoes his belt buckle as he's standing over his punk.) Time to break my punk in prison style.
by plymale July 22, 2008
Some kid who thinks hes all that,
talks like hes all that,
walks like hes all that,
and drives like he's all that.

But really once you come up to them and put em on the spot, they're weak little pussies.
Some punk cut in front of me at the store, so I grabbed him by the collar, put my boot up his ass, and tossed him to the back of the line. That shut him up good.
by Punkass Kicker November 02, 2007

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