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wanna know what punk is in these tragic plastic emo shit fuck days? (cries and cuts)

you wanna be a punk, so go on wikihow.com and follow all the fucking tips. remember, be original and NEVER ever be fake! (also a tip from wikihow.com, but don't tell anyone it's gonna ruin my reputation oh oh...)

"I think I'm punk, but I never say that! My clothes are really hardcore and I have all those typical punk symbols all over my body, yep, look, I drink beer and I smoke, okay, yes, I SMOKE,YOU HAVE TO KNOW THAT!!! But at school I'm nice, I wanna have good marks and after school I go home and eat my dinner with my mummy. And I never forget to use the word "fuck" all the time! FUCK YOU!!! FUCK YOU ALL!!!"
do you think I'm punk?
yea, I think you're punk, but do you know what true punk is what real punk is is what punk means, I guess I'm punk I read about punk and it says that I'm punk
by idiotkabitchfukk September 09, 2007
8 36
A Young Male Partner Of A Homosexual.

Circa 1975
Hunter S. Thompson Is Quoted As To Saying "Punk? Isn't That Taking It Up The Ass" In The Book Please Kill Me By Legs McNeil And Gillian McCain After The Release Of The Magazine Called "Punk"
by Jane-Lane July 11, 2008
5 12
Otherwise known as skunk. A type of cannabis that is stronger than weed or hash.
I got some well nice punk on me dude.
Can i get a henry of that punk bruv?
by ragein December 20, 2006
0 7
a bunch of lame ass dick wads who think dressing in torn clothes is trendy. strated out as anti-establishment but now a name for various modern rock bands who make shit loads of money and drive big cars.
see that punk?. which one the preppy punk, the skater punk,the gay punk,oh rite that punk the one sniffing the glue. that is so 1970's
by da original playa June 02, 2006
7 14
Pseudo intellectual posers, with accessories from the street fair: Often lack any real long term-goals
Punk: “You would be nonconforming too if you look just like me”
Kid with low self-esteem: “Okay! I’m going to go downtown everyday and get high, and do acid and smoke cigarettes, and totally fuck up my life!”
by R16kmXb November 17, 2007
9 17
True.Fuck the police! Politics.It don't matter the color of your skin,as long as you not scandalous, commit no sin to
me,or my tribe.Punk is rebel.Punk is to stand up for whats right.
Riot sound, police come round,With the bass and drum we knock 'em down,Chop 'em up with the riffs an' in the stew,Drinkin' pot liquor made of poison glue,Pick it up!Someone way up livin' in those high-rise castles Wishing with the hope that I lick their assholes with the beat we burn down those big brass doors,Rocksteady!punk!
by Michael BASS January 24, 2007
16 24
A loud and stupid form of rock music generally involving people who want to be "different". Stuck in one mindset, overly loud and opinionated so they can be accepted by their peers.
I know that the punks will vote bad on this because they are too close minded to ever accept that they are lame.
by liza d. May 12, 2005
2 11
glorified hippie
punks are fucking stupid assholes; lay off the hating. what happened to unity?
by rizzaaaaa July 10, 2008
6 16