wanna know what punk is in these tragic plastic emo shit fuck days? (cries and cuts)

you wanna be a punk, so go on wikihow.com and follow all the fucking tips. remember, be original and NEVER ever be fake! (also a tip from wikihow.com, but don't tell anyone it's gonna ruin my reputation oh oh...)

"I think I'm punk, but I never say that! My clothes are really hardcore and I have all those typical punk symbols all over my body, yep, look, I drink beer and I smoke, okay, yes, I SMOKE,YOU HAVE TO KNOW THAT!!! But at school I'm nice, I wanna have good marks and after school I go home and eat my dinner with my mummy. And I never forget to use the word "fuck" all the time! FUCK YOU!!! FUCK YOU ALL!!!"
do you think I'm punk?
yea, I think you're punk, but do you know what true punk is what real punk is is what punk means, I guess I'm punk I read about punk and it says that I'm punk
by idiotkabitchfukk September 09, 2007
Sam I is a huuge punk!
by gots-the-facts December 26, 2010
Billie Joe Armstrong
Person 1: The lead singer from Green Day is so Punk.

Person 2: Thats Billie Joe Armstrong, he is Punk!
by RockerChic418 June 18, 2010
to anally rape.
variation on 'punk', to play a practical joke.
I punked your mum.
by J-drizzle May 06, 2010
A fashion and genre of music originating from the mid 70s, thats all it is, it's never been truly anti establishment as it was all just a marketing ploy from the start, the Sex Pistols were essentially just an advertisement for Malcom Mclarens and Vivienne Westwoods fashion line, so in the end everyones a conformist who has bought into the rebellion and "anti-establishment"
do i really need an example? it's blatantly obvious punk's not "anti-establishment" as many people claim it to be, but people have the wool pulled over their eyes
it's good music though
by wtfwr2 January 15, 2010
a crazy awsome movement that began in the 70s. originating in the uk and us. it was all about unity non-conformity and of course, anarchy(the lack off any government). a common misconception is that the chlothes make the punk but fashion has nothin to do with it. thats why hot topic is not punk(among other things). because the wold is so superfitial the movement has just as many posers as it does true punks which is why its so hard to make any actual changes. the last aspect i will mention is that any true punk will stand for what they belive in despite what anyone else thinks, some will even willingy fight for it.
poser:dude look at my creapers, and my mohawk, im so punk!

real punk:um,yeah whered you get the..."creepers"

poser:hot topic!

real punk:i thought so(punches poser in the face), im off to burn hot topic
by anarcho steve July 23, 2009
To steal/take something.
Dude, you totally punk'd my stuff!
by Elphess July 08, 2009
rock music staying true to the rebellious nature in the roots of rock and roll. anyone who thinks punk is dead is completely wrong, however the phrase "punk is not dead" is generic, overused, has been bedazzled and destroyed.

original core values of anarchy and atheism, punks are just people who desire rational human thought and a better world.

originally "punk" was coined by others as a slur, but was adapted the same way the N-word was adapted.

since its inception, as long as there is a will to resist the government or any group claiming to assert power over others, there will be punk bands.
homesick abortions, sex pistols, the unseen, the casualties, total chaos...PUNK NO DIE.
by badreligion1988 May 22, 2009

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