Tried to kill the metal, but they failed as they were smacked to the ground.
Punk rock can't kill the metal
by 50_707411y_1337 April 13, 2008
does not exist. anymore.why?
becasue bands like the casualities and cheap sex....spit on it, then stepped in it, rolled it in the mud, and crushed it with their enormous cocks.
good bands that i respect.....crass...yeah. thats about it. and thats only because they agree with my philosophy. PUNK IS DEAD.
punx unite.i fucking hate that song.and that other chick was right.they butchered sham 69 by recreating their new version of if the kids are sex sings the song fuck emo.when they generalize that emo is about emotional faggots.but in reality true punks did not "judge before listening"emo was actually a sub-diveritive of punk rock.
fuck you cheap sex fag listening bitches.
by I USED TO BE LIKE YOU!!!! December 21, 2007
The soundtrack to thousands of speeding tickets and countless other petty crimes.
Punk rock, isn't that the kind of music where kids cut each other with razor blades and knives? - Anti-flag
by I drive a Volvo November 02, 2007
punk rock was all about your attitude... it was a way of life. You didn't give a shit what other people thought, cuz they never gave a shit about you.
punk rocks dead, sorry, but people are too much now.
by breanna January 24, 2004
A musical style and anarchistic movement, which, contrary to fans of Green Day, has no connection with protesting and left wing idealism. That thinking is for hippies and PUNKS BURN HIPPIES! The craftsman of British Punk Rock was Malcom McClaren and his S&M inspired band: the sex pistols. True punks will be fond readers of the Anarchist's cookbook and will spend most of their time in S&M clubs watching bands who like avoiding competition.
"I'm a punk! I'm gonna rape your fucking dog with a dildo! PUNK ROCK TWATFACE!"
by Lad Man March 14, 2007
punk rock is a style of music

punk is a word created by the media to describe artists and followers of the punk rock movement. only after that did people start labeling themselves as "punks". As in many other genres punk rock bands never called themselves punks and resisted using the word to describe themselves and each other.

and yes, punk rock is dead. some say it died with kurt cobain, others say it died with sid vicious. either way it is dead.

punk rock is dead and that's the truth.
by ::::: November 15, 2005
A "musical" movement that pretty much consisted of playing really bad music very very fast. People seeking individuality started saying that they enjoyed these bands as a way to seperate them from the crowd, when there was no possible way that anybody could enjoy the music. While some good bands have come out of the movement (namely The Clash, The Ramones, NOFX, The Presidents of the United States of America, and Green Day), the majority of it is loud pointless noise.

One of the worst elements of punk is the "hardcore" movement led by bands such as Black Flack and DOA, which was made of a bunch of skinheaded racist anti-semites who liked punching each other at shows. The modern "hardcore" movement is even worse.
of some real music: Dream Theater, Symphony X, BB King, Iron Maiden, Robben Ford, Aretha Franklin, Arch Enemy, Into Eternity, Alice Cooper, Rhapsody, Manowar, Muddy Waters, Poison, Bon Jovi, Dio, The Blue Oyster Cult... so on
by Mark Gold August 11, 2005

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