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a person who's stereotypically punk, i.e. has a 'punk lifestyle', is into piercings, short and/or spiked hair & unnaturally coloured hair, does whatever they want, believes firmly in either anarchy or freedom without war, goes to punk rock concerts, etc. but isn't isn't stereotyped as a "punk rocker", i.e. is frequently mistaken and/or misjudged & mistreated, and is generally an outcast. While all punks are typically outcasts, a punk rock reject ususally possesses the stereotypical qualities of being a skater or emo, and in very, VERY rare occasions, prep & goth. All in all, a punk rock reject is NOT a prep OR goth, but a punk.
emo: you think you're a punk rocker just because you're in a punk rock band?
punk rock reject: what the hell does it matter to you?
emo: what a loser.
punk rock reject: atleast i can actually play the guitar instead of crying over it and i can actually write lyrics that mean something instead of crying over my ex-girlfriend.


punk rock reject: That's okay.
punk rocker: WTF? I thought you were a punk.
punk rock reject: I need my braincells for skateboarding, kthnx.
punk rocker: .... I see. Oh well, more for me. YAY.
by punkrockREJECT22 January 28, 2006
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