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A type of music that is a mixture of punk rock and porn music.
Do you like punk porn?
by Deep blue 2012 October 20, 2009
A type of porn that consists of punx fucking. Ususally the girls in the films have mohawks, piercings, tattoos, colorful hair, and are fucking HOT! It is hardcore porn beacuse punx like to fuck hardcore. It is moslty underground porn because it involves some of the punks way of life. A fucking awesome director of pUnK porn is Rob Rotten. With his Punx Productions industry.
Punk1: "hey have you seen the new "Scurvy girls" punkporn movie?"

Punk2: "yeah!, the fucking cunts are sweet, I almost blew my load right on the tv screen"
by DAHMER_PUNX March 31, 2007

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