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A fake musical genre invented by some dumb ass on urban dictionary who doesn't like Limp Bizkit but unfortunately thinks the Kottonmouth Kings are a good band and has never heard of Body Count.
"I don't like Limp Bizkit or any other Rap Rock but I think the KottonMouth Kings are awesome they invented Punk Hop."

Your an idiot, The KottonMouth Kings suck and Body Count probably invented rap rock (unless you count Aerosmith and Run DMC)"
by witaker September 19, 2008
the genre of music which is a combination of punk and hip-hop

perfect harmonious bliss- like the nirvana of the music world caught between going in 2 different directions
what happened when jay-z compd with linkinpark for encore/numb
by . January 26, 2005
the genre pioneered and owned by the kottonmouth kings, the only band to succesfully combine rock and rap. limp bizkit tried, but they suck.
KMK is the only punk-hop band i can think of right now, but more will pop up in the coming years
by George Washington Christ December 22, 2004
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