Punjabi is actually the native language from Punjab. But im going to revise it a little. Like a hand job, the punjabi is a hand job for women. So for all of you finger blasters out there, its now PUNJABI!!!!
Man at the movies last night I gave my girlfriend a Punjabi!!

No shit!!

Yea, finger blasted the hell out of her.
by Big Country 24 May 09, 2009
Brown skinned guys usualy hindhu or siek and are hard workers and are from punjab and are known to be dedicated people and good warriors like the hindhu's who protect the sorry asses of the ungrateful sieks.
look at that big pun i think he's from punjabi for sure
by Big desi ass pun March 02, 2009
Stuck up people from pujab (a STATE from india) who thinks they are not indians but PUNJABIS. they think they rule the world and act like they dont know any other race in INDIA. only hang out with their own kind (punjabis) and so dependent on their dumb laguage and are really fucked up. Even though they suck at dancing they still think they dance as hell because they are punjabi.
person 1: hey r u indian.
person 2: no mann im PUNJABI.
by the truth stands up July 03, 2005
Usually drives a taxi and is of Indian decent. Breath smells of curry and hot spices.
Also known as Pundi for short
Check out that Punjabi, eating his curry like there's no tomorrow.
by Titan Dee July 09, 2006
Punjabi is not a nationality or language. Punjabi is a condition that can take over anyone any time. This condition influences one to fuck his/her close realatives like, mother, sister, brother, uncle, aunty, grandma, grandpa and particularly brother's wife.
Damn, Harbajan fucked his sister-in-law in the ass so hard that she couldn't walk for days and when his brother found out he excused himself by claiming to be a punjabi.
by nankana sahib March 17, 2005
a stinky Indian also know as a puni or pungi. Known for working at 7-11 and dancing all stupid to gay music.
Man I can't believe you let Tony sleep on our couch, now it stinks like curry in this bitch! Damn punjabi.
by BkShoota October 12, 2005
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