One of the few races that can get any amount of bitches they want.The first part of Punjabi (punj) means 5, and that's how many more bitches we get than any other race
The chicks....yeaaa boiii.
White Guy: I'm pimpin it yo, 3 bitches at once
Punjabi Guy: Ha, you pathetic little white guy, I got eight.
by G-Rora October 17, 2009
According to Azealia Banks, the word "Punjabi" is an insult.
by Amy Avogadro May 11, 2016
A telemarketer who sounds like he is from India.
A punjabi keeps calling me and trying to sell me Viagra!
by kaebomb October 21, 2015
1. <adjective> Relating to the Punjab - a region covering part of Pakistan and part of India.

2. <noun> A South Asian ethnic group found predominantly in the Punjab. 90 million Punjabis live in Pakistan, 30 million in India, 2 million in the UK and just under 1 million in Canada. Most Punjabis are Muslims, although many are Sikhs and smaller numbers belong to other religions.

3. <noun> A language spoken by most Punjabis and also by many non-Punjabis living in India or Pakistan.

4. <noun> A term sometimes used as a racial slur to refer to people of South Asian origin. Also sometimes applied (perhaps mistakenly) to those not of South Asian origin, such as Arabs, Turks, Persians and Berbers.
1. "The Punjabi landscape is beautifully mountainous."

2. "My mother's a Punjabi and my father's a Pashtun."

3. "I don't speak Punjabi very well."

4. "Go back home, you stupid fat Punjabi!"
by HallOfMirrors June 23, 2009
the act of shoving a very large, painfull object up one's ass.
You can go punjabi yourself and the horse you rode in on.
by bbsg December 07, 2011
Decent people but also have a lot of sardars who get made fun of.

Ass wipes abcd "desi" kids who brag about shit their ancestors did.
From punjab = punjabi, decent people who have some douchebags.
by kikoinkokoland September 20, 2007
A person orginating from Punjab india which is located in the Northern region of India. Most Punjabi's speak Hindi and are either Sikh or Hindu. Sikh Jatt Punjabis dislike Hindu Punjabis. Many are good in business. Punjabi men have higher sex drives and are aggressive. Punjabi men are also more likely to have marital affairs than South Indian men. Punjabi women usually work at home with their spouse and gain 40 pounds after marriage. Most Punjabis are usually lighter in complexion and compare it to the a story of north India being invaded by Alexander the Great. Although most Punjab's dislike Bengalis, they will surely eat Bengali sweets such as cham chams and ladoos.
Sanjay: Hey did you see Amar at the grocery store today? He owes me my money back for the property he bought.

Amir: Dude, that guy is Punjabi man, your'e not ever gonna see that cash again.

Sanjay: Damn cheap ass Punjabi's.
by OneSillyJatti May 21, 2010
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