1. (n) a mispronounced word, often given a different meaning than the normal pronounciation

2. (n) the act of mispronouncing a word in the asumption that the word means something other than its normal meaning

3. (v) to perform (2) or create (1) a punish; -ed, -ing
"Why do you have punish (poon-ish) writen on your hand? What does it mean?" "It's not punish (poon-ish), it's punish (pun-ish)."
by Paul Cash August 24, 2004
Someone that is a dork
Chiara is such a punish
by Tonks20000000000 September 02, 2008
To describe an unattractive girl.
"That girl is such a punish"
"There is so much punish around here" (Used to describe a group of unattractive girls.
by Thos101 July 14, 2006

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