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1: Spanish for a jack off; money shot; cumshot; to shoot jizz.

2: Complimentary peanuts found in a Bar/Saloon to subside hunger while getting drunk. Most of the time, the peanut shells are preferred to be thrown on the floor after you eat the inside.
1: Calmate pinche punieta! (chill out f*cking jack off!)

2: Does Lou's Saloon have punietas? I hate to drink on an empty stomach!
by CrpChristiDJ June 26, 2011

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To jerk off or a jerk off. It's also used to start a nasty sentence. Spanish word used by my Puerto Rican family a lot.
Estoy aciendo la punieta en mi casa.
Punieta!! Get the fuck outta here.
by Mr. Uhhh February 16, 2005