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One who more times then not goes about life unknowingly upsetting normal folk by acting like a hipster, tool, or anyone acting in a disingenuine way. Puneros often show up in the worst possible time in the worst possible places and beg to be bashed. You often describe puneros as someone who is never invited but always shows up at your house and plans on staying and drinking and eating your thinks all the while discussing in loud full lenght detail how your opinions are wrong and his are right. A punero can only be male. Some way of ridding yourself or place of puneros would be to purchase the punerobasher 4000. This is a full proof way of eliminating the problem. Puneros are the guy you feel bad bashing his head in but you know it is for the good of society and your own sanity. Puneros is a term contrived by Ted and Gabe used to arrouse or discribe a specific feeling towards persons they do not like.
" Like sand in your bathing suit, Punero at your party!"
by tjfive000 December 27, 2007
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