scary hand man with a tractor t shirt he loves coffee too
hes so punchy
by kittycatxx19xx August 14, 2010
a slang term coined in Serbia for a touch tone telephone.
"Dede's place is so old he doesn't even have a Punchy"
"Rotary phones are shit, its all about the Punchy"
"Pass me your Punchy, im calling Dragana"
by Fongnation September 21, 2007
spunk, moxie, attitude.
by Anonymous September 11, 2003
When a person is not chunky or pudgy but in between.
Boyfriend: Hey sweetheart how bout yu don't eat supper tonight you are getting punchy.

Girlfriend: At least I'm not a HIPPO!!!
by Fluffzilla August 19, 2007
The condition of having a strong tendency to punch those around you, often in retaliation for circumstances beyond the victim's control.
"I'm starting to feel a little punchy", Betty remarked after discovering her lunch order included ass fries.
by Pac_Eddy May 01, 2009
The act of tiresome delirium or hallucinations immediately following the body's inability to acquire its necessary rest-period. This state is often characterized by loud, obnoxious and generally unintelligible sounds and interjections strung together insensibly, while making markedly strange bodily motions or actions. Often occurs while studying for college's final exams or following activities that keep one awake beyond their normal hours. Rate/duration can be increased by the consumption of copious amounts of energy drinks, caffeine, or other study enhancing substances. I do not claim credit for the creation of this word, however I proudly claim that I am currently under its wicked shadow.
The sheer fact that I am entering this definition at this hour, while reading Charlotte Bronte's "Jane Eyre" is attributed to an enlightened and highly evolved state of "punchy."

Ex: "Did you see (insert name) last night in the study lounge? He/she was up at like 3 pounding energy drinks and freaking out. They were talking about their pet unicorn and being loud and unwelcomely touchy. That was me like 3 nights ago."
by Josh Rottman October 08, 2007
Being tres horny. Also means full of energy but to the more intelligent person it means horny.
"I'm so punchy that I can't sleep...gah'dayum I need some lovin"
by j-low May 23, 2005

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