An mildly offensive word used in conversations to replace such words as 'shit' etc...
"That Mr. Smith teacher, he's a bloody punce!"


"Those blokes outside the resteraunt are punces for looking at us like that!"
by Reuben December 21, 2003
Top Definition
1. punce (noun)
a person who is naturally very poor at something:

2. puncist (noun)
a person who purposefully and deliberately does something poorly, but is actually good at it:

3. puncing
the act of deliberately doing something poorly:
1. "You punce, you'll never be good at singing!" or "He's a punce, he can't do anything well."

2. "British star Les Dawson was an accompished pianist, but had a comedy performance of hitting incorrect notes. He was a puncist"

3. "Johnny was puncing about at playing pool so he could hustle for bigger money"

by MarkW March 29, 2006
Something or someone that is weak.
1) You don't have a sub woofer so your sound system is puncey. This is just something you will have to accept, for now.

2) I made your friend annoyed enough to go home just from calling him/her a punce, I guess I was right.

3) We were moving bricks all day, I was lifting ten at a time but my friend could only manage four at a time, such a punce.
by Blueberry-Muffin April 17, 2010
Someone whos acts like a total loser.
Someone that stuffs up everything in the most idiotic way.
It's another word for retard :)
Mum: do you have a boyfriend yet?
Me: shut up punce
by ISF February 05, 2010
1. One who often makes a fool of him/herself in public on purpose.
2. Moron who often wants attention, hence he/she will do something idiotic.
3. Jackass
Joe was such a Punce when he smacked himself with his history book.
by Teamar November 21, 2005
when someone does something poorly or something is not good. that joint is so punce.
2.the cops are coming man thats punce.
3.i hate punce pussy.
by T-Moneyyyyy September 19, 2008
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