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King of ut. The best player u will ever seen.
punawa is the king of ut. He owns everybody
by punawa February 06, 2003

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criminal epic simba your_father
Your_Father speaking:

I can confirm that he is a mighty and skilled UT99 Rocket Launcher Fighter. We used to play a lot together back in 2001 on Evertons DNA Rocket Launcher Server. He sure was my personal Nr.1 opponent back then. Would be nice to meet you sometime - im back in the business since july 2009.

With Players such as Simba and Epic -
I'd like to thank you guys for turning UT Rocket Matches somehow into an Olympic Discipline :-)
Let us have a beer sometime.

We really pushed and raised the damn bar for future generations :-) Keep it that way.
Punawa and you guys should be able to meet me on UT99 - dated december 2009: Servername Yucon Servername Ghostdog Servername Noobtown 2
by Your_Father aka Your_Father December 28, 2009
nice hs nice moves CRAP MUSIC!!!!!111
punawa is a fieldy wannabee
by Anonymous February 06, 2003