slang for uki or vagina.
nani doesn't mean heavenly, it means beautiful.
ho, kaleis punani was tuna, nasty!
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by ma'alea808 March 23, 2009
Top Definition
Function: noun
Plural Form: punani
Etymology: Mod. Hawaiian punani (lit. heavenly flower) from Old Hawaiian pua (blossom); nani (glory, splendor, heavenly)
1: female genitals
2: sexually receptive female
3: sexual intercourse
1. Her punani was the tightest that I had ever fucked.
2. There were tons of punani hanging around the club last night.
3. I haven't had punani for almost three months.
by raygee July 30, 2003
the most pleasant sounding nickname for the vagina.
Your punani is bea-u-ti-ful!
by christina b. May 28, 2005
The pacific-islander word for "pussy."
All guys want to do now is chase punani.
by Meeee April 24, 2003
A Jamaican Patois term for the vagina or vulva, used as slang in British/American English

Hawaiian slang for "vagina" or "vulva", derived from the Hawaiian word "puanani" meaning "beautiful flower"
1. yeah man i licked her punani til she came all over my face

2. yeah that punani is sweet as. Looks like a flower.
#punani #poon #poonani #poonana #vagina #cunt #vag #pussy #vulgar #hawaii #jamaican
by Dreamcast October 28, 2009
The Female Genatalia
Human BODY PARTS-female genitalia punani
#punan #twat #hole #pussy #cunt
by Dvka February 15, 2007
of or pertaining to PUSSY.

i would eat your punani
#pussy #vagina #vag #eat #yummy
by hey222 January 08, 2009
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