A play on words. Generally a pun takes a word that is quite understandable in context and replaces it with a homonym (same-sounding word) to create an entirely new meaning, or replaces a word with a similar-sounding one to the same effect.

A pun involving a word with two possible meanings --

Nurse, to young woman about to receive a vaccination:

"You're going to feel a little prick."

Woman: "It wouldn't be the first time."

* * *

A pun that uses a similar-sounding term to the expected one, to humorous effect --

A one-liner: "JFK's private life was so sexy they should have called his administration Cum-A-Lot."

#pun #groaner #play on words #deliberate #unwitting #homonym #homophone #double entendre #innuendo #ambiguity #humor #verbal humor #shakespeare #one-liner #racy #sexy
by al-in-chgo March 13, 2010
Big PUNISHER (R.I.P) - word
"Big PUN still got wat u lookin 4! UPTOWN BABY UPTOWN!"
by PSXy April 13, 2005
abbreviation of Punjabi (possibly offensive)
This guy's a Pun.

This Pun's straight outta Punjab.
by Pun March 02, 2005
To rip off or steal from someone who has done you favors in the past.
Mike gave Joe money for an ounce of weed, but Joey punned Mike hardcore and used that cash at a strip club.
#punned #punning #steal #rip-off #swindle
by Mike Joneser October 10, 2007
v. an abbreviation of the word "pun"ish. it is used primarily to state that a female is punishing a male.
Male 1: dude how was you date with mary
Male 2: The fricker dumped me, for Zeb
Male 1: pun counts dude
by shenny July 19, 2004
v. abreviation of pundance, to make ordinary or boring.
We went to the mall last thursday, and my friend started to pun the experience.
by jester September 30, 2003
A term used to refer to Pounds Sterling. One pound = One pun. Especially common in northern England.
Person 1: How much is a beer in this place?
Person 2: Only a pun if you get it from the pun fridge!

Person 1: Lend us some money would ya, I've only got a pun on us.
Person 2: Piss off mate.
#pun #pound #quid #squid #bar
by Jenjo February 04, 2006
smart,pretty people.People who are east indian.cool and the best of friends
pun people are such good friends to have.their soooooooo pretty!!!
I wish I was like them!!!!
by Jessy Smith March 23, 2005
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