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1. A male or female who prefers the sexual company of redheaded, pasty skinned partners over all others.
2. A person who seeks out gingers in bars or nightclubs to take home with the intention of having intercourse.
Josh: "Dude, Art is always going after those redheads."
Joe: "Yea he is a real pumpkin pounder!"
by Breacher_Man April 16, 2014
Any person who prefers intercourse with a red head.
John - What is with Joe? He's really hitting on that red head.

Jim - Don't act so surprised, you know he's a pumpkin pounder at heart.
by beermewow April 16, 2014
People who are attracted to redheads, and all of their pale-skinned attributes.
I am such a pumpkin pounder! I love the red hair and fair skin!
by Talleo April 16, 2014
Women who love gingers (red headed men) and treat them as sexual objects.
Dude, check out that foxy lady at the end of the bar checking you out. She's digging your red lochs. She looks like a pumpkin pounder!
by The bro's bro April 16, 2014
A person with a redhead fetish.
Q:Did you hear Jenna only has sex with redheaded men?

A: Ya Jenna is a pumpkin pounder bro!
by Pfresh5000 April 17, 2014
Someone who is into gingers and wants to do them
She's a pumpkin pounder, she's going to wreck him
by Charde April 16, 2014

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