Referring to having sex with ones girlfriend/boyfriend, especially when that other hold the pet name of pumpkin
Baby please? I promise some pumpkin pie later
#pie #pumpkin #endearment #sex #coded
by abigailx0 February 20, 2006
During sex, when you pull out and jizz all over your girlfriend's bare midsection. The contrast of skin and white gives her stomach a distinctive look.
My girlfriend is so hot. Last night I gave her a massive pumpkin pie.
#sex #cum #ejaculation #vagina #penis
by tmck1352 December 11, 2006
Slang for a Native American female's vagina; not nessecarily edible.
I'ma go down to the casino at the Reservation later and scout me out some pumpkin pie.
#pussy #native american #indian #indian pussy #redskin pussy
by Eapert McDangles June 11, 2006
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