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Really fucking good pie.
I had pumpkin pie last night. Its like masterbation for the taste buds.
by Tyler D October 15, 2006
Created by the fanfiction writer Cassandra Claire, "Pumpkin Pie" is the title of the relationship, or "ship" in fanfiction terminology, between Hermione Granger and Harry Potter. It is believed that this name arised from a story of Ms. Claire's, in which after kissing Harry Potter, Hermione thought that he tasted like pumpkin pie.
Although canon now proves the romance unlikely, I still ship Pumpkin Pie!
by Danya April 17, 2006
a sexy, red haired pussy
Tom: Did you see that sweet assed red head?
Joe: Yeah. I want a slice of that pumpkin pie!
by MadCobraStyle September 22, 2010
when a guy busts a nut on a redhead's face
I heard John gave Mary quite the pumpkin pie last night.
by Matt201 December 09, 2006
when someone ejaculates in your face then shits in your face and mouth during intercourse. the white and brown color create a tan/orange color like the filing in pumpkin pie.
i just gave a pumpkin pie to my girlfriend's sister last night.
by happy boy04 August 28, 2010
another way to say anal sex without anyone around knowing what you are saying
O man I finally got some pumpkin pie last nigt
by massapequa students November 23, 2005
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