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(noun) The insatiable craving to find the biggest pumpkin in the lot, following the motto "bigger is better", when shopping for a pumpkin to make into a jack-o-lantern; The rapid scramble to compete with other customers and snatch up the biggest pumpkin in the lot before someone else spots it.
When we went picking pumpkins at the pumpkin patch yesterday, I developed a bad case of pumpkin greed, rabidly and anxiously making sure nobody else found a bigger pumpkin than I.


Although my pumpkin was weighed to be a whopping 30 pounds, my pumpkin greed was not I strived to find one even bigger.


Becca, why do you always have to grab the biggest pumpkin in the lot? You have a bad case of pumpkin greed and it hurts my back when I'm always the one stuck carrying the giant pumpkin out!
by Beetle Becca October 12, 2008
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