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One who thoroughly enjoys and engages in the activity of fucking pumpkins.
"I just saw Toby carve a hole in that pumpkin and stick his penis inside. What a pumpkin fucker"
by spoonlicker July 11, 2005
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1) One who inserts penis into pumpkins
2) One who fucks pumpkins
person 1: Yo Scotty, I heard about what you did for two bucks, you pumpkin fucker!
by Jajee October 28, 2007
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A Pumpkin Fucker is an individual who enjoys ravaging the swollen ginger pussy of an extremely tiny person and/or midget. To achieve the state in which the pussy looks inflamed and takes the shape of a pumpkin, you must first,
1. Find a Dwarf with orange pubic hair
2. Shit in a sock
3. Tie the shit filled sock at the end of a belt
4. Use all your might to beat the vaginal area with the "shit- sock-belt" until it resembles a pumpkin
5. Enjoy the the "Pumpkin"

A person who follows these steps is indeed a Pumpkin Fucker.
Dylan- I woke up in the middle of the night to discover my roommate Matt Pumpkin Fucking the shit out of this midget.

Luke- No dude its only Pumpkin Fucking if she was a ginger.

Dylan- She was!!! Her pussy was crawling with orange hairs, it was so gross man!

Luke- Do you think I could get her number??

Dylan- Ew you Pumpkin Fucker!
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A homo hobo that goes around on Halloween and fucks pumpkins and steals Carmel flavored apples from little kids not any older then 9, sometimes he rapes them and fucks the shit out of his pumpkin. In general he beats out like 78,000000000 pumpkins every Halloween. the day after Halloween he gets all the ones he left behind
by Dilldo dilldo February 21, 2009
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