Pumpitit - or to use the Latin Vrase

Pumpetteii, meaning emptiness, nothing left to give , all out of sheds :~(

I am fair Pumpit, and to make it worse my shed, appears to be shiney & leaks
by Rubis Dulis III October 29, 2003
Top Definition
to make something louder or stronger
We told the dj to pump it.
by Katerina Stevens May 14, 2006
the best black eyed peas song ever
guy 1:hey, whats your favorite black eyed peas song?

guy 2:oh, pump it, definatly
by kikolover442 September 04, 2011
aff it, broken, knackered, worn out, tired
Christ man ah fear am pumpit!
by Bart Shades October 27, 2003
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