When you start to jack a dude off, and before he cums you stop and leave. This is a more vindictive form of a cock tease
A well meaning, but intoxicated Trixie takes Chad home from the bar. Things start to get nasty. She puts her hand down his pants and starts to jerk him off. Something causes her to stop, either revenge or her conscience, and she walks away. He says, "It's not cool to pump fake me like that."
by eTwice May 24, 2009
When a guy comes close to getting a girl in bed but she backs out at the last second.
I got pump faked twice last night
by Bryon Daniels August 29, 2005
When a woman is willing to give up sex to a man, they both get naked and the man pretends like he is going to make love to her. Instead, he inserts his penis into her vagina for a moment only, and passes out instead.
That bitch got so pissed when i gave her the old pump fake, i was too drunk to get off.
by JayTeeMoney December 10, 2006
Hit hard, used in Football in USA
When I pump fake, go on the knee post
by Ayham August 14, 2007
a girl that looks awesome from a distance but terrible up close
dude, that chick is a total pump fake
by kyle March 25, 2005
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