An old style gun such as an old 6 shooter pistol that kids would steal from a collector or rich neighbor hood then use to do shit.
For the hood rats that want chips
For the stickup kids creepin with they pumps gripped- Styles P
by Gar Bear February 22, 2005
A word used to address another person in a casual sence. Can be used interchangably or along with the word dude.
Duuuude, pumps, INCHWORM!!
#dude #honeybuggers #yonderstock #rykies #mmmm
by GLiex August 13, 2006
When you consider sex NOT sex becasuse the male never CAME. It is a great way of justifying NOT having sex a.k.a. not boosting up the numbers....because of a lack of cum.
"Did you have sex?" "No we just had pumps"
#pump #humping #gyrate #cum-less sex #pistol pumper
by Pumps December 16, 2006
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