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to ride another person on your bike
hey man, can you pump me to the store on your bike?
by Janet September 20, 2003
To float an air biscuit or drop ones guts. ie.. flatulence (Brit slang)
Did you just pump or are you chewing a dead scunk?
by The Guffer July 17, 2003
1)A wanna be pimp

You ain't no pimp youse a pump.
by Sean Feeley December 18, 2005
A machina ata da filling station where onea canna buy da diesel orda petrol
Ida (That is Iva's Mrs. You may reada mora aboutera L8ta) stopped at da pump forda diesel.
by IvaBoughtaDePump September 14, 2005
A word used to describe something as "cool." It's a combination of "punk" and "pimp", most commonly used by soda-drunk jr. high kids at parties.
Whoa dude, the hat is so pump!
by MissCleo July 22, 2004
A shoe made popular by Reebok during the 1990's, mostly associated with Basketball. Unfortunately any geek who's parents were willing to pay a premium price was wearing them, witch why you don't see any more nowadays.
Watching Colin walk around with his Reebok Pumps makes me wish
I had bought Air Jordans instead.
by Kim's Love January 14, 2007
The things that (according to the rapper Jin in his song "Learn Chinese") cause y'all to speak Chinese when they come out. Possibly pump-action shotguns?
Jin: Ya'll gon learn chinese, when the pumps come out, you're gon speak chinese.
by Jak H January 10, 2008