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the shortened term for a dance arcade game, Pump it up, similar to dance dance revolution, except the arrows point in diagonal directions and there is a button in the center as well. It originates from korea.
Let's go to the arcade and play some pump.
by michele February 22, 2004
to kick the crap out of
to beat up
(bonus points if u got pumps on)
some goof came up to me, so i pumped him out
by skyliner98 September 02, 2006
1. (Verb) Movement back and forth, as in to pump a shotgun or a well.

2. (Noun) A woman who is a slut.
1. I pumped the water out of my basement.

2. That chick is the village pump.
by Ben Neff December 04, 2007
1. (Verb) To beat the crap out of someone in order to extract information.

2. (Vulgar Adjective) A person, usually a woman, of loose morality who shares their bed with anyone.
1. "That motherfucker didnt want to talk, so I pumped him for the info, then I laid his ass out like a bag of sleepin' pills!"

2. "Yo, you know Renee? Yeah, bro, she be fuckin' with everybody. That bitch is the project pump, yo!"
by Alex G 1972 September 18, 2006
(posh brits only) in my case my mum wouldnt let me say fart!! so its....
" dont say fart!! its pumped!"
sorry mum!! i had an egg sandwich n ive pumped n it smells!!
by captain pugwash March 30, 2004
(v.) to forcefully penetrate, esp. used in reference to anal sex, whether hetero or homosexual
Yo dude how many times would you let your dad pump you in the ass for a million bucks a pop?
by charles murphey September 29, 2006
Maybe the most famous Reebok shoes...
"L keeps rappers' hearts' pumpin' like Reeboks"
Big L - Put It On
Lifestyles Ov Da Poor And Dangerous, 1995.
by Ghiii April 24, 2005