Can Be used for any situation.

Mostly used with "it" And "Up"
-Hey I'm gonna just pump up a sandwich(I'm going to eat a sandwich)

- Hey Justin did you pump up that girl last night?(Sex)
-Justin:yeah but she cant pump right you know?(She cant preform sexually like other females her age)
by wernzz May 21, 2011
Pump is a slang term that usually describes a sexual and/or disgusting act

usually preformed in public and concealed by bumping in to someone and proceeding to insert an unnamed substance into there pocket
it can somtimes refer to a practical joke were yogurt is sneaked into someones pocket to give them a messy surprise when they put there hand in there pocket
it is consider rude or impolite to "pump someone"
stranger:*bumps into ped 1*
ped 1:hey watch were your going
ped 1 whats this ewww nasty i got pump ed
by Ziegn August 22, 2009
The act of taking a piss and a dump at the same time, or in the same 'sitting'.
"dude, I just took the biggest pump... now i'm 4 pounds ligher!"
by Chris DaCamel47 July 04, 2009
'bump n grindin'
when man pumps his juices into his gyal when they gettin freaky
"me n my gyal was goin hard last night, i was pumpin her deep styl-ee"
by charlotte * June 20, 2006
Pronounced pee-ump.

A cool name for a pump water bottle.
Abbie: hey Sarah ready to go to class?

Sarah: wait, I've forgotten my p-ump!
by canarypopple May 04, 2009
v. - To do an activity
Wanna pump lunch?
by lampost86 June 01, 2009
the shortened term for a dance arcade game, Pump it up, similar to dance dance revolution, except the arrows point in diagonal directions and there is a button in the center as well. It originates from korea.
Let's go to the arcade and play some pump.
by michele February 22, 2004

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