1) The action of repeatedly lifting weights in order to build muscle.

2) A feeling denoting extreme excitement.

3) To reload a pump-action shotgun.
1) I'm gonna go pump some iron!

2) Man, I'm pumped about the gig.

3) I think you have an idea what this is like.
by Ross Mackay July 06, 2005
Doing something with a very high level of enthusiasm or awesomeness. Also can be referred to as PUMPing weights.
Terry: How'd you do on that math test?
Tim: I PUMPed right through it.

Frosty: You look fresh today dawg.
Liquid: I PUMP all day, everyday.
by Liquid All Day March 21, 2011
1. to copulate

2. the heart

3. to excite
He thought he was pumping with her, but all this time he was showing her his art collection.
by The Return of Light Joker June 29, 2009
The fart experienced just after a larger, more noisy one was anticipated. A pump is quiet and usually more likely to cause skids.
Angelica: Oh dear..
Baz: Sup love?
Angelica: I've just pumped :(
by wizwaz November 09, 2009
slang used by Marine grunts to refer to active tours of duty.
1.I got a 7 month pump in Iraq.

2.I've done three pumps in Iraq.
by KILLEDNACTION January 11, 2009
A word used in Gateshead, Tyne and Wear, referring to the breaking of wind, a less offensive term for fart.
"pwoooaaaarrr, who's pumped?"
by strawberrycherry September 22, 2008
'bump n grindin'
when man pumps his juices into his gyal when they gettin freaky
"me n my gyal was goin hard last night, i was pumpin her deep styl-ee"
by charlotte * June 20, 2006

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