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The process of acquiring a girl's love, having your way with her in bed, and then dumping her immediately afterwards and never returning her calls.
"I thought they were watching Titanic?"
"Nah that was just an excuse so he could PumpNdump her"
#love temporarily #fuck #screw #devastate #search and destroy
by Art_1 September 26, 2007
n. The act of masturbating in a gas station bathroom while defecating.
Steve: "Dude, pull over at this gas station. It's urgent."
Jeff: "Why?"
Steve: "I need to take a Pump 'n Dump. Bad."
Jeff: "A what?"
Steve: "Look it up."
Jeff: (searches Urban Dictionary) "Oh my god that is horrifying. People do this?"
#blumpkin #gas station #fapping #toilet #masturbating
by PriceIsRight November 24, 2013
The act of using a giant fleshlight while simultaneously taking a monumental bowel movement
Alright fine, I'll play some Mario Party. Just let me go pump n' dump first
#pump #dump #poop #masterbate #shit
by koonmagic November 28, 2010
The companion technique to the blumpkin. Intercourse (usually anal) performed while the pitcher defecates is referred to as a pump n dump.
I was giving her the ol' Pump N Dump, right before I finished that shit off with a blumpkin.
#anal #blumpkin #buggery #assplay #shittenfich
by Sp0o/\/?! May 09, 2008
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