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A term coined by Static Noise Podcast member Matt Chinander. It means the same thing as kick ass. Another variation is "Thrust Butt", coined by fellow podcast member Alex.
Andres: What do you think of Let Yourself Go?
Matt: Very pump ass.
by THRUSTDABUTT July 30, 2012
to fuck someone in the butt
Person 1: Hey bro, did you hear what Tony did the other day?
Person 2: Bro, what?
Person 1: Pump ass with Suzy.
Person 2: Nice. What a legend.
by lolingatyouandyourlife June 26, 2015
To carry out a task or operation vigorously, with a heightened urgency of purpose, or maximum efficiency.
"You're already late. You'd better pump ass!"

"You're really going to have to pump ass to finish those nachos before closing time."
by Kountry August 18, 2011

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